Nov 12

This might be the dumbest fucking thing I’ve ever heard. Maybe you can tax the companies who employ those who work from home, since they are saving money by not having to provide as much office space, office supplies, technology (network bandwidth), etc.

Nov 12

The cheapest Porsche STARTS at $52k and the average Porsche rolls off the lot around $100k. People spending that kind of money want something unique, which drives the business decision to offer 59 trim levels, dozens of colors and hundreds of options and accessories for each model.

Nov 10

Trumps demonizing mail in voting backfired “bigly”. Now they are telling departments not to even talk to Biden’s transition teams until the GSA approves which of course Trump’s flunky won’t do. And McConnell has just telegraphed along with other republican senators that they will be calling the Biden presidency Read more

Nov 10

He knows exactly who and what Trump is. The problem is that he likes what he sees.

Nov 10

The FDA approval would have come a few days sooner but WH officials needed to get their EI Lilly stock purchases in and the stock market is closed weekends.

Nov 8

Just gonna clarify something because it comes up every time these things are mentioned. This specific ekranoplan is not the Caspian Sea Monster. The Caspian Sea Monster (officially the KM or Korabl Maket) was the first ekranoplan prototype and was absolutely enormous. It crashed in 1980 and now sits at the bottom of

Nov 2

His W8 is still doing fine. He rarely drives it. Those two facts may be related. 

Oct 30

Don’t forget that the original invoice for the laptop repair listed the serial number of a Western Digital external hard drive that was manufactured 3 days AFTER the invoice was created...

Oct 27

What I think the real moral of the story here is the guy who was hoarding all those parts, but died before doing anything with them (using them or selling them). Read more