6/03/21 6:51PM

The refresh did the F-type no favors. The squinty headlights especially made this car much less attractive in my opinion. The one nice change for 2022 is that the V8 is now not required to come with AWD, for those who still want some RWD fun.

5/24/21 4:06PM

Even in the best of times a Cruise ship is still a floating petri dish.  

5/18/21 7:38PM

The real point is, “I don’t want to be without my car while it’s being unexpectedly serviced.” Because, “How many MORE times is this going to happen in the next several years of ownership?” Read more

5/16/21 8:56AM

This article could desperately use some photos of the actual plants listed lol. Most of us are planting flowers because they’re visually pleasing to us...

5/14/21 12:40PM

The whole “Click on my article about the evils of consumerism while I collect the ad revenue” is a pretty bold stance to take. Gizmodo et al. are getting hard to read anymore with all the ads that insist on loading up. Read more

5/10/21 10:00AM

What kills me about the German stuff is that if the miles don’t get you, age absolutely will. In 2019, I bought a 2008 Mercedes. It had less than 60k miles but since German manufacturers use crummy plastics, everything plastic under the hood was brittle. The age related problems don’t stop there. Bushings. Oh goodness Read more

5/05/21 9:29AM

Even if they let him back they’d probably be force by their own rules to ban him again for spreading election misinformation. They can no longer hide behind the bullshit “it’s in the public interest because he’s president” excuse. He’s just another old conspiracy nut trying to get you to send him money.

5/04/21 10:57AM

I’m the farthest thing from a “pay cash for everything” guy, but even I run into my limits at “How can I get a loan of over 100% of book value for a 25 year old Honda?” Read more

5/02/21 9:08PM

Not very often, but I’m still around.  :D

4/29/21 12:56AM

It’s not a matter of being hard, it’s a matter of having FUN while driving, instead of driving a two-pedal transportation appliance.

4/28/21 10:11PM

CVT’s with paddle shifters are among the dumbest things in cars today. If you want gears to shift, get an automatic. If you want to select gears, get a manual. If you want to spend your commute in a soul-crushingly boring “premium” small sedan, get a CVT.