Dec 7 2013

Today, during a conversation with my ex, I found out that he encouraged my daughter to start shaving her underarms.

Oct 29 2013

That's how many text messages my ex-husband has sent me in two days - 91. He sent 47 on Sunday, 44 last night. This

Oct 27 2013
Stick and stones

Today, in text conversations with the ex, I was on the receiving end of some gems like "You suck", and "be a better

Oct 3 2013
Here we go again

That green line cuts right through where I live. But at this point, anything can happen, so there's every chance I

Oct 2 2013

My heart hurts a little when a read a post on GT about how someone is hurting, or sick, or stressed out so much they

Sep 30 2013
Overthinking It

I was in the office at my church today, chatting with a nice church lady friend, when a Very Handsome Guy came in.

Jul 19 2013
Anxious and afraid

Contact with my ex-husband pegs my anxiety super high. There are a lot of good reasons for this - too many to go

Jul 6 2013

I've been googling and have encountered a wide range of suggestions for materials and methods, but I don't have time