who wants to walk that much when you have a ship tho? Read more

I always find it funny that armed normal people think they can go up against the military with actual machines made for war. Read more

Counterpoint - slightly - there are more resources available to learn about games ahead of purchase than perhaps any other products on the market. That isn’t to say we can’t criticize or get annoyed when those games turn out to be bad (or even just not what we expect), but they have ample opportunity to conduct one Read more

*gestures at all the shittiness of modern society and capitalism*...I mean, apparently you can do exactly those things. Read more

Even if it’s behind XV, there’s no WAY the dev costs are as high for FFXVI. Yoshi-P turned this thing around in a respectable amount of time even with the pandemic, and marketing-wise XVI has been a lightweight compared to XV. Read more

Yeah, if Warner Bros. really wanted to emulate Marvel’s success, they’d kick off their universe with the B- and C-characters who have no cultural baggage from a half-dozen other movies and TV shows, and then gradually introduce the majors. Read more

Big budget IP movies aren’t going anywhere. Disney, at the very least isn’t just going to let the MCU peter out before they get to do something, anything, with the X-Men and FF that they finally got a hold of. And if Gunn isn’t making DC movies, then he’s pretty much out of a job. What will happen (what should already Read more

As much as I love 6, Even FF6's story can be handicapped by it’s basic translation (Not as poor as 7's) or rendered incomplete if you miss quests in the games 2nd half. Playing through the Pixel remaster recently, reminded me how easily missed important plot threads are hidden, just as they were in Chrono Cross. Read more

ah, man, fuck Nintendo. Love your games, but it would be easier to just ignore the leaks. Read more

I’m gonna be That Guy for a second, so anyone who doesn’t want to deal with That Guy, feel free to move on down the page to another comment. Read more

All-Star Superman is definitely essential reading, it beautifully captures the essence of Kal-El and his fundamental decency.  Read more

I appreciate your thought process here. You seem to have been deliberate and thought this through. Read more

Kinda glad it isn’t more like the game. Tried to replay the first one, and the game itself was the largest deterrent for me. Read more

See, for me stripping out the game parts actually allows The Last of Us to shine as the compelling narrative it always was. Yes, there are interactive bits here and there that you lose out on, but it’s a fair tradeoff to avoid Joel duck-walking half the time, and repeated game overs because you accidentally took the Read more

It seems like journalists couldn’t stop singing this show’s praises after the first episode and now everyone is grasping at straws trying to find flaws to write about. This can be a good adaptation and not have every aspect of the game. And really it shouldn’t. Let’s be honest, if it was incredibly accurate to the Read more

I starred you only because I want to hear more about your economic theory of being a cunt. Read more

How about to give some new voice actor a chance to shine? To not turn a dead person’s voice into a prop to use and exploit until the end of time? To not pervert the notion of acting, that it can be done just as well by an algorithm using the impersonation of someone real? Read more

“One guy field stripped a fir tree and walked like a fir tree” Read more

Castlevania. Absolutely amazing series.  Read more