3/05/21 10:16AM

As much as I want to disagree with really is shaping up that way. Granted, I live in SA, but that doesn’t change the fact that The Powers That Be down here seem invested in either regressing as hard and as painfully as possible, or in clinging to the state’s shameful past (and, apparently, present) with Read more

3/04/21 9:47PM

Just like all criminals, arrogant, entitled assholes who by their very nature will never hesitate to steal from each other given half a chance.
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2/08/21 1:07PM

Yeah, Melania was usually his walking-aid, especially for ramps and stairs, so when she wasn’t around he had to make do with whoever was beside him. Read more

1/15/21 7:52AM

“Maaaaaahm, didn’t I tell you to knock before you come in? What if I was doing something priiiivate, like inciting terrorism?” Read more

12/18/20 7:54AM

Look, On one hand, I’m grateful my job is extremely secure, my family has not been sick, and we’ve taken precautions by wearing masks, lowering the amount of contact we have with outsiders, and overall, listening to health experts, rather than politicians/outsiders/conspiracies. Read more

11/25/20 5:22PM

I mean I could list all the shit that Whitlock has done to earn the scorn of people black and non black but the fact that he would put his fat face on a poster with a man who’s child was removed from a plane for having lice tells you all you need to know. I mean when you are the go to Negro token for Tucker Carlson & Read more

12/06/19 9:50AM

They just give Putin his cut and they’re protected.  Russia is the largest organized crime group on the planet.  They even have members in the white house and the senate.