Jul 18

I don’t get it either. Amber is obviously a malignant narcissist nightmare. If you’ve ever had to deal with a person like this, it’s obvious. It’s rare, but it happens. It’s ok to not hate the guy and not believe the woman in the face of evidence. At this point, it’s starting to be like gaslighting.

Feb 8

Harry is too stupid for words. His role in this is that he is a moron.

Feb 6

That was an invention of Meghan’s to justify leaving England and back to her d list actress life and merchandising. 

Dec 16

Bernie has had a long relationship with Cenk. He knows who he is. He was hoping people wouldn’t give him crap for this and he was wrong. 

Dec 13

LOL, the only thing you can point to happened decades ago. Can you name anything Bernie has done recently for minorities? Neither can he: Read more

Nov 13

It’s young people who are super stupid and susceptible to propaganda. HRC ain’t going to run, but to watch the dick sucking of people like Bernie and the sheer contempt for women are more successful than these writers ever hope to’s hard to stomach what this place has begun.

Sep 24 2019

The Green New Deal was a political ploy written by inexperienced staffers over a weekend as attempt to bolster AOC’s profile. Greta specifically calls out this type of political posturing in one of her recent speeches. This cannot be about partisan politics or vague “everybody gets jobs!” promises. Read more

Sep 19 2019

Russia interferes, but...I have been checking the accounts that do this and too many were active before 2015. The reality is, Russia doesn’t need too many bots when it comes to Sanders because his nastiest supporters believe and then spread propaganda

Sep 19 2019

They have already started in on Warren and when he loses the dem nom to her (or to Biden) he will run as a 3rd party and his supporters will be unleashed and unhinged.

Sep 4 2019

Should this twitter fight be news? Did either of them do anything that did anything for their constituents?

Aug 25 2019

The same shit happened at Jez. They have hired young people (nothing wrong with that by itself) with no life experience whose whole world view is built on snark and criticizing others while accomplishing very little themselves. That’s why they love Bernie. He has done jack shit just like them but is still somehow Read more

Aug 23 2019

A friend of mine saw her at the movies the other day and says she looked good (and I saw picture proof), so I am not terribly worried about this. 

Aug 20 2019

Warren supporters will support Joe, and many Sanders supporters will as well, it’s basically just the Bernie Bros/Bernie or Busters that won’t. 

Aug 15 2019

I find it mind boggling that this place isn’t gung ho about Warren. I am a moderate and I don’t even agree with all of her policies but she does the work, and has a vision, not just random ideas and criticisms. Plus, her involvement with the CFPB and consistent soothsaying about the economy is a huge plus for her Read more

Aug 15 2019

I continue to laugh at the idea that a 77 year old white man who has been in public office for 30 years with little show for it outside of losing a primary by 3 million votes is somehow the one who is going to challenge ‘the establishment’, and bring about sweeping progressive change

Aug 2 2019

This place is an embarrassing Bernie shitshow, so I always feel the need to point that out.