7/05/18 6:39PM

He doesn’t care! He’s off to wallow in pig piles of filthy money for the rest of his evil life.

7/05/18 5:56PM

It’s a fabulously, flagrantly selfish and hate-filled decision. 

7/03/18 11:43AM

To those two racist, cancerous blobs of right wing excrement that commented on your post: tigershypoersexdrive and Big Ole Cracker, you pieces of shits will be first on the chopping block. Heads on pikes, entrails dragged through the mud. Fascist scum, your time has come.

6/29/18 2:45PM

Yes!  My first thought was that she was going for the camera.  Then I was like, “Where the hell is she going?” We soon found out...

6/29/18 12:10PM

I came here to point out that sentence, too!!! Fantastic writing, Ellie! And this: “I! Feel! Bad!” I will recite in my head, over and over again, as I glide around with my expensive jeans and my health insurance. “How dare I feel bad!” I will berate myself.” It’s all SO familiar and yet far better expressed than I Read more

6/28/18 3:01PM

For what it’s worth: you’re NOT alone. I’ve come to rely on Jezebel for many things over the years (despite being mostly in the greys), but the sense that I could come in here and let somebody know about whatever issues I was dealing with, and knowing I’d get a sympathetic ear, means something. Read more

6/28/18 2:52PM

That one stood out to me too. 12 is also the age it all fell apart for me and I’m just barely holding it together at nearly 29. Depression for me is a daily battle to force myself to leave the house and ignore the voice that constantly asks me “when do we get to sleep?”

6/27/18 12:35PM

I’m Salvadoran, and I’m not trying to defend the US for its myriads of crimes, injustice, and inequities against women, but the US on this list is kind of ridiculous. My birth country of El Salvador is a savage place to be a woman, so is a greater part of Central America. There is no opportunity for poor women, there Read more

6/26/18 12:00PM

I don’t even think I could be friends with a republican at this point.

6/26/18 11:53AM

There must never be a redemption arc for the GOP. Destroy them utterly. Leave them so completely neutered and destitute that they’re never able to rebuild the tatters of their garbage fucking party.

6/26/18 11:22AM

Nope. It happened to Biden several times, and the administration said, “Ok, no problem. Thanks anyway.” They didn’t make a distracting news story out of it because they’re not monumental shitheads.

6/26/18 10:45AM

Fuck off you concern trolling piece of shit. I fucking bet you that Obama officials and/or other democrats have been refused service places. Do you think the fucking Dixie Chicks never got refused service in Texas? They just didn’t turn it into a fucking week long poor-victim-me whine fest. Holy shit, do you need to Read more

6/04/18 3:04PM

I made a goddamn idiot out of myself at work a couple of weeks ago, having mistakenly clicked on the trailer. My boss went from “Quit fooling around” to “Oh my God, are you OK?” in like two seconds.

6/04/18 2:45PM

i am going to watch this in a crowded theater and tear the fuck up and im excited for that

6/04/18 2:15PM

I am going to watch this in my living room by myself because I’m one of those kids from the 70s who was basically raised by Mister Rogers and I can’t imagine watching something like this around other people. Read more

6/04/18 2:05PM

I enjoyed his show, greatly respect Mr Rogers and think that the world would be a better place if more people followed his example and died in 2003. Read more