Apr 17

Isn’t that what negotiating is - you set the price, I counter-offer, then we meet in the middle? If my price was too low, let’s begin the negotiation process!

As someone who is a sales professional (not in autos) I know this type. You were very diplomatic in your reply, Tom. I would have been a little more direct. Read more

Dec 6

I really enjoyed this, Patrick, and all the work you’ve put in these years. Thank you and best of luck.

I especially enjoyed reading this bittersweet goodbye while scrolling past several intrusive banner ads.

Jalopnik is dead. Long live Jalopnik.

Nov 13

Now I’m actually trying to think of an instance of a landspeeder with a top...but everything I keep coming up with (like Zam Wessel’s speeder that Anakin jumps on the top of in Episode II) are actually airspeeders.

Oct 8

This is a good listen. Thanks to you, Kristen and Stef (as well as the others) for sharing all of your experiences. I hope people take notice as this is not something a lot of folks want to hear, or guys automatically assume they are not doing some of these things (but perhaps are) without even knowing it. It will Read more

Sep 17

Too many onions on this Coney story, making me misty. Thanks for sharing memories of your father, sounds a lot like my old man (also born and raised Michigander) - makes friends everywhere he goes.

Sep 16

Totally agreed re: Beaches. I was walking over to Less Than Jake and got totally sidetracked by them and ended up staying for half of their set.

Sep 8

Is there any way for us cord cutters to watch reliably? I’ve found that the NBCSN only sporadically uploads things to their app. 

Aug 13

I’d say yes, there is room for a lot of personal stories like this one. Global conflict sets the stage for a lot of other drama to play out.

What we don’t need is more dreck like the upcoming “Midway.”

Aug 9

Sam Smith the automotive journalist founded a racing team? Man, Travis must be paying them the big bucks over at Road & Track!!!

*Schmidt in 3rd graph

Jul 26

This would not surprise me in the least. When the AI takes over and we have to flee.

Jul 26

It is peanuts. Rich fanbois throwing him cash so fanbois like you can defend Elon online, and thus the circle jerk of life is complete.

Jul 26

That seems like peanuts? Maybe enough to make some more falme throwers and whip the fanbois in to a frenzy, but this is an insignificant amount of money for a company that is saying it will complete multi-billion dollar projects.

Jul 12

I made the mistake of reading the replies on that thread. It’s like bros crushing Monster energy drinks in a circle jerk all typing the same thing and saying how Christen Press is “a fox.”