Merkle's Boner
Oct 2 2019

Clearly the child is not a whore but her parents most definitely are. Then again, maybe she is and her parents just pimped her out. Now that makes more sense.

Aug 8 2019

I’m curious how the very different pay structures between the men and women can be equalized. One group has guaranteed salaries and one does not. What is the plan to make them equal? I haven’t seen this explained clearly anywhere and would be interested to know. Read more

Jul 29 2019

She’s intentionally mixing apples and oranges. She is using the success and popularity of the women’s national team to argue that a women’s professional league should be given more money. This, of course, completely ignores the fact that the women’s national team is not designed as a business. For whatever reason she Read more

Jul 13 2019

Believe it or not football is a business, and the owners are primarily concerned with making money. Colin Kaepernick does not have a job because a lot of people who currently buy the NFL’s and their sponsors’ products hate him and rightly so. He doesn’t have a job because putting him on your team will cost you money. Read more

Jul 11 2019

I cannot believe this country is coming to this; “take a stand against so-called freedom of speech”? Are you serious? Our ancestors died fighting for our right to speak freely and now you want to take a stand against that? Who decides what ideas are “wrong”? What happens when someone decides one of your ideas is Read more

Jul 9 2019

You can WELL AKSHUALLY this all you like, but your candidates have spoken, loudly, on national television, about opening the borders and giving illegals free healthcare. I know those are very popular positions here, but really unpopular positions for the voting public. So either the Democrats are going to have to Read more