Nov 30 2018

Friendly reminder the Group C/Group 5 series is already sorted and partially BOP’d. Just sayin’...

Feb 17 2018

In and around Boston we say 93, 95, rt 3, 128, 495 with no “the” before it. The only highway I can think of that is preceded by a “the” is the pike

Jan 29 2018

While I love a good pun-fest, the subject here and heinous corporate evilness covering up customer deaths and injuries makes it about as un-funny as you can get. Not even dark humor relieves this situation.

Jan 1 2018

Great article! I never knew that Nissan ran their motorsport programs in such a manner. Bummer Nissan repeated history on the Nismo GT-LM.

Dec 25 2017

It won its class at Le Mans in 1998. Racked up a couple wins in both the 12 Hours of Sebring and 24 Hours of Daytona. Won multiple FIA Sportscar and IMSA Championships. It just sucks that it was overshadowed by the craziness that was GT1. Cars like the 333 SP, Riley & Scott MKIII, Kremer K8, and TWR Porsche WSC-95 Read more