Aug 6

Came here after reading how disappointed Digital Foundry is with the port to see how Kotaku think it’s a magical PC port.
Also this game’s using the Decima engine, same as Death Stranding but DS was running perfectly on low end hardware

Aug 4

I prefer icons without logos. the title of the game is right above the icon, you don’t need the logo. the logo just takes up unnecessary space.

Aug 4

Meanwhile Kotaku’s “logo” is just the first letter of it’s name.

Aug 4

It’s not pretentious assuming players will recognize your game by the icon only. That’s the whole point of an icon. I don’t need to read that the red fox icon on my desktop is named firefox to know that this is firefox...

Jul 30

I know I can’t give you guys too much flack since I live in what is basically now an anti-science theocratic conservative dystopia (a.k.a. Brazil), but damn, AOC is a treasure and you should back her up as much as possible. Also, stop voting for all of those congressists, including the democrats. Making a black list Read more

Jul 8

Do we have to flip through a slide show to see other pictures of it?

Jun 19

How about we don’t encourage devs to outright lie in marketing material? I can’t imagine how that could go wrong... Read more

Jun 13

Zack you forgot to add “Gloomwood” which was shown after the credits because PC Gamer forgot to air it. Read more

Jun 13

white people literally started a civil war because y’all couldn’t not take offense at the very simple concept—baked into the literal Constitution of the US—that all men are created equal.

Jun 13

It’s kinda sad how douchey gamer bros get offended when designers change their games to be more inclusive. Read more

Jun 11

For me, price is a number when compared to my bank account.