2:17 PM

While Russell & fifty cent are in no position to throw shit at Oprah, let’s also admit Oprah’s body of work betrays a bias against black men, both during her talk show period and the literary works she’s brought to the screen. I’ve always found that Oprah’s brand of feminism relied too heavily on black male Read more

8:58 PM

It is literally impossible to be a Star Trek fan and be a racist. From the very first series to now, every single Trek show has always, either implicitly or very blatantly, fought and opposed racism and sexism. That is the heart and credo of Star Trek. That is the fundamental moral message, and it is utterly Read more

8:23 PM

I was raised in a 110% racist household. TOS was one of the few things that helped me realize this, and it did it in a huge way. Read more

5:27 PM

I find it even more darkly amusing that the two purists about taking PAC money Bernie & Liz took money from their senate campaigns and put it towards their presidential ones. I find it even more darkly amusing that now that the black female shield is gone all the heat is headed at Liz and she can’t handle it. I find Read more

4:46 PM

I ran a leftist group on Facebook for years that, among other things, would try to mobilize to respond to right wing hate mobs coming for this or that thing, and it’s absolutely WILD how many people they can get to sign on to whatever cause in just a few minutes with a single post in a Facebook group or one of their Read more

2:11 PM

Those are like the Manifesto’s you find in a mass shooter’s home or apartment. For real if I was Michael I would alert the authorities

2:03 PM

One last time Michael: They Do Not Pay Your Ass Enough For This Shit. That last letter, excuse me I meant doctoral thesis, Good Lord that would have me running for the fucking hills. When I was a child my mother used to tell me when I was working on a writing assignment to read it aloud to see if made sense. If that Read more

1:38 PM

To all the fake wokies out there. This is why elections matter. The courts and things like this. Remember that next time you decide to sit on your high horse. Also to all those that have asked about voting Bernie and Warren I won’t have to, thanks to your purity bullshit the diversity is gone and your candidates are Read more

11:54 AM

Good. Keep the pressure on him. Keep his blood pressure high. Keep twisting the screws. Keep grinding away. Read more

12:30 PM

If I were Kaep:
After being told I could not kneel, I would play along and obey Goodell’s wishes. I would then publicly decry all involvement with BLM, say I was just doing it for the publicity and thank the police with a fat donation. Over the next year, I would become known as the Playboy of the NFL. I’d hang out Read more

11:25 AM

Who’s moved on? Them? Yeah we know? I mean if they were interested in giving him a chance they would’ve scheduled the workout in June prior to camps opening. Kap is not without blame in this situation, he needed to keep The NFLPA involved not just to keep up appearances but to give himself more leverage legally. If Read more

1:45 PM

Not to burst your bubble, but “Does raping someone make you a rapist?” - there have been studies done on this very topic. I am on my work comp so I don’t want to go googling this. They’ve been posted at Jezebel. Turns out, if you ask a bunch of college age men questions about rape, their answers depend on semantics. Read more

1:00 PM

I think it’s more about bias than it is about determining whether someone is reasonable or not. This question is almost like asking whether the juror thinks the guy is guilty of the hate crime or not. I think it’s to give the defense and prosecution the chance to preclude people they feel give very strong responses Read more

3:12 PM

You left out: Carry Hot Sauce in your bag. Know how to play Spades or Bid Whist. Tupac or Biggie, like it or not this will come up and you better be able to spit at least one verse. Bron or Kobe, no we aren’t including MJ because we all know he is the greatest. Favorite black sitcom, unacceptable answers Malcolm & Read more

3:26 PM

I am a USN Veteran. It’s embarrassing that the Army is not supporting this black soldier’s family after he was killed on US soil during a racially motivated hate crime. Read more