Mar 20

My heart is broken. Aiden, god love her, totally deserved the bottom. Rock should have gone so much farther. Sob. Read more

May 24 2019

The first season started promising, but after about four episodes I started to sour on it, and by the end I kind of hated it. (I always loved Mars, though, mostly because of Ramos’s performance.) This confirms my decision to stop watching.

Mar 1 2019

I’m hoping Soju will be brought back later in the season. She was one of my favorites, personality-wise.

Feb 28 2019

Nooooo Soju. That dress was rough, but she’s sweet, I was a fan before she was cast. She’s probably a bit timid for the show, especially in this lively cast. Well, down to one Asian queen. I'm happy fellow Canadian Brooke took home a win. 

Jan 10 2019

Apparently I have a free preview for History Channel right now, so heck yes I watched Edge murder some jabronies. Quite happy with my choice. Great stuff. Read more

May 20 2018

I’ve had no desire to watch since the ham-fisted response-to-Hari-Kondabalu episode a few weeks back, and I really can’t explain why. I’ve been a faithful viewer, and apologist even, thinking that bad “Simpsons” was still better than a lot of other shows. And I had not been worked up over the Apu thing; if they’d Read more

Dec 20 2017

I am so glad I waited to recommend this to people. Episode 1 was encouraging, and the disjointedness was excusable as a set-up I guess? Plus I think I was just SO eager for a good show with a black, sex-positive, woke, female lead... But yes, it fell right off that cliff and every subsequent episode I find myself more Read more

Dec 18 2017

...she mentioned Jungle Fever as a positive example in contrast to what’s being done here.

Dec 17 2017

Because his family life is a big part of his act. Also because from what I’ve seen he does a lot of that moralising family humor where he tells men and women how they should be living their lives properly.

Dec 14 2017

Following these reviews is reminiscent of following the daily reviews for another awful Netflix show most people binged and were annoyed by: Friends from College. In both cases it feels the reviewer has put more thought into the review than the creators of the show did (certainly more than the show deserves), and it Read more

Dec 11 2017

I took my cue from the reviewer but you’re right - she is actually Jamaican.

Dec 11 2017

I hate to chalk this up to age but Spike Lee seems not to really grasp what polyamory means in 2017.

Dec 10 2017

The reviewers whole point is that even IF the show is trying to say that “what you want might not always be what you need” it is IDIOTIC to be making this point with an Afro-latina single mom from the projects.

Dec 8 2017

This was the episode that really disappointed me. The whole Shemekka story line is uninvolving and would be an addition by subtraction. The time spent there could be much better served just about anywhere else. I agree that the interaction with the cab driver was unfunny and completely off base. Ditto the Read more