VeggieTart: fear of a female planet
Jan 12

It’s funny how they’re pro-life until they’re beating a cop to death with a fire extinguisher. 

Jan 12

This person is the perfect example of modern American conservatism. She’s a liar. Nothing she said is based in fact. Does she believe her own lies? Maybe. Maybe she is that delusional. It’s all still a lie. And this is where we are now. The right will say absolutely any bullshit to further their fascist worldview. All Read more

Jan 12

It’s unfortunate that the media has portrayed a peaceful event as something that it wasn’t Read more

Jan 6

Yep, getting the old “both sides” treatment in the media again.

Jan 6

I hope this entire fucking shit faced family burns on earth, not in hell because it doesn’t exist. On earth, visible by all. Like, on primetime television string these fucking traitors up and burn them for the world to see. Read more

Jan 6

They are terrorists. Committing treason. The media keeps calling them rioters /protestors/tRump supporters, but the news people are wrong. That’s all

Jun 12

I’m actually the girl in the pic on the cover. I was 9 when I did it. I’m 47 now. I can’t believe people still read it! 

May 19

Which is ridiculous because evangelicals dont even have a Biblical basis for why they are involved in this fight so why they would go so far as to bribe this women just shows how far that movement has gotten from what its priorities should be. You know since helping the poor, hungry, , sick, and those such as widows Read more

May 19

The kicker is....she never actually got an abortion. (Her lack of ability to attain one was one of the pieces of evidence used in the case....because she couldn’t access abortion, she had the kid and gave her up for adoption.) The evangelicals bribed her to say that she felt regret over being on the “wrong” side, Read more

May 19

Me too, but unfortunately the evangelical right used her as a prop to “show” people how abortion is harmful and the only emotion after is regret. I’m sure she influenced those on the fence about it during that time, and that in turn probably helped drum up a lot of support on the ground to chip away at Roe v. Wade on Read more

May 19

While I have not seen either movie, I have no trouble with the careful selection of their test case for Roe v. Wade. That’s simply good strategy to find a good test case when you’re trying to fix a problem based on Constitutional law. Read more

May 19

I’m opining that she probably had some pretty intense mental health issues and was quite malleable - I think she had three pregnancies before she was 20?

May 19

Norma had an extremely messed up life way back to her childhood. This does not surprise me. Just another case of evangelicals being just as shitty as I imagine them to be.

May 17

It’s like when George W, apparently unironically, said he had CCR’s Fortunate Son at the top of his playlist.

May 9

Yep. We wish for one person’s death, while you’re fine with thousands of people dying to save economy. We’re the true monsters here.