11/25/19 7:30AM

Fuck everyone involved in this story. Fucking morons.

8/18/19 10:26AM

Well, glossing over the fact it belongs to a private owner who probably invested quite a bit in owning it in the first place. 

7/28/19 12:59PM

Dude I’m assuming you’re an adult. When you make a plural from Ferrari to Ferraris it doesn’t have an apostrophe. The apostrophe typically indicates a possessive. There are a bunch of variables so I’m not going to get into it, but the simple rule is do not use an apostrophe when you simply want to refer to multiple Read more

4/14/19 10:11AM

I’m okay with this as I have an uneasy Russian-roulette like fear that the person in front of me will suddenly recline and crush the top edge of my MacBook screen.

11/28/17 5:42PM

You. Can. Convert. Your. BTC. To. USD. Instantly.

Then guess what, you have spendable money! Read more

11/28/17 5:08PM

While your explanation about money having value is correct, your argument for why bitcoin has “no value” isn’t. Read more