6/15/21 7:28PM

I don’t understand why all carmakers are so eager to jump to either hybrids or electrics rather than ethanol (without the m). Been using it in my Saab for years and it's just so much better than gasoline in every imaginable way.

12/19/20 11:55AM

Add car jumping to the list of things killed by the rise of SUVs.

11/24/20 6:26PM

Late to comment, but my dad had a blue ‘83 Alfasud 1.3 4-door hatchback from ‘91-’96 back in Romania. I was in elementary school at the time, rode in it many times. My dad is still very fond of it, specifically the sound and handling. And yes, he sold it only because of rust, mechanically it was still perfect, Read more

11/19/20 11:16AM

I chased an issue on my Saab 9-5 Aero wagon for years. Basically after 15-20 minutes of driving in anything over 70 degree weather, the ECU would register excessive knocking and pull massive amounts of timing and boost to the point where it was dangerously slow to drive. 0-60 took about 20 seconds at WOT. Multiple Read more

10/06/20 8:12PM

When my ‘07 Saab 9-5 Aero wagon gives up the ghost in some way or another, the Jag Sportbrake tops the list as its replacement. Actually, the only other vehicle I’d consider is the regular V90. Read more

8/25/20 12:16PM

It's too bad biofuel is being altogether ignored as everything transitions from gas to electric. I converted my Saab to E85 last year and couldn't be happier. The stuff is 105 octane, burns cleaner and cooler, with the only downside being decreased MPG. But being at least $1 cheaper per gallon, who cares?

7/28/20 12:13PM

Depends on where you live, I'd guesstimate more like 1 in 8 cars are older than 16 here in SoCal. With housing prices what they are, almost anyone can afford a new(ish) car. Plus I think the data is skewed, meaning those older cars that are registered don't tend to rack up as many miles as the newer ones, so the Read more

7/15/20 12:14PM

FWIW, Saab had a similar clutchless manual in the mid-’90s 900 called Sensonic. It was a massive commercial flop.

6/26/20 12:12PM

I bought a completely original, clean, 102K-mile, white 6-spd ‘99 C2 coupe for $13K a couple of years ago and had seen plenty of others before, so I know it was a good deal. Convertibles are slightly less valuable than the coupes, but $17K for a clean 70K-mile example that isn’t silver or black, and with fixed IMS is Read more

6/26/20 12:03PM

Parts availability for a ‘16 Nissan? Seriously? Even SAAB parts are very easy to find, the Orio brand took over part production after SAAB’s bankruptcy to keep old cars on the road. 

6/14/20 1:41PM

Great article, very enjoyable read. Btw nice TAG :)

5/17/20 12:26PM

Best seats I’ve ever sat in were the 9000 Aero seats, bar none. No Porsche, BMW or Volvo before or after could ever quite match them.

5/07/20 6:00PM

What Alex really needs is this 51K mile ‘09 9-5 wagon for $11K. Fantastic cars, I own an ‘07 tuned to 300 hp on E85 and it’s just a hoot to drive! Read more

5/07/20 1:37AM

Clearly, Romanians need their cargo space.

5/04/20 6:09PM

My theory is that many full-size SUV drivers choose these vehicles specifically because they feel safer in a crash. Therein lies the problem: they start from the premise that they WILL crash. There is no focus on accident avoidance (which is obviously better in a smaller car) and they just want to save themselves when Read more

4/21/20 6:51PM

This 600 hp Saab 9-5 (dynoed at 523whp) was listed for only $10,000. Seriously overpowered for FWD, but should provide endless entertainment on rolling starts.

4/13/20 5:28PM

Never thought I'd see the day when E85 is double the price of regular.