Sep 9 2017

Was reading through a Tati YT thread and one commenter said that the mega expensive Cle de Peau foundation is the same as the (still expensive but less obscene) Shiseido Future Solutions Radiance foundation as Shiseido owns Cle de Peau. Shady shady. Read more

Sep 9 2017

also,I’m not sure what’s so feminist about dragging Christina Aguila every chance you can because your grown ass daughter had beef with her in 2003.

Aug 29 2017

Not gonna lie, I like her ANY OTHER FUCKING CIRCUMSTANCE. I wouldn’t even be dumb enough to wear this get up and I used to drive my car with the gas light on in snowstorms decked out in club wear.

Aug 22 2017

I dunno if Kevin will be attracted to Leah seeing as she`s not a size 2 anymore. Maybe he`ll nicely suggest she go on a diet like on KoQ because that` so funny ha ha h-