Today 3:45PM

It’s not far off. I went to NC State and spent MANY stoned nights at the Waffle House on Hillsborough St. Read more

Today 1:18PM

We’re looking into ways we could support offline for the future but you will need an internet connection to play at launch Read more

Today 9:27AM

This isn’t a punishment, it’s a fucking gift. Screw this guy for not seeing it that way, and for having such a wimpy stomach that he could only eat 9 in 15 hours. 

Today 5:39AM

So is this just a bunch of assholes bagging on Waffle House? It’s not fucking torture just to be there. Lot of places that’s the only sit down restaurant for miles.. Makes me think of people’s funny comments about Walmart and dollar stores when that’s all some people have. Like if poor people love it must be a goddamn Read more

Yesterday 10:58PM

9 waffles in 15 hours and the dude had the gall to fucking whine about it. terminally weak shit. stick me at a courtyard mariott continental breakfast and I'll house a dozen of em suckers in an hour, tops.

Yesterday 7:24PM

that’ That’s all it ever intended to be. It was the media trying to make it a showcase that got the public wanting to come in and make it a con and no one that ran it was trying to do that. The whole...rebrand they tried to pull...3 years ago? was admittedly ill-advised since they clearly lacked Read more

Wednesday 4:46PM

I’m of two minds about this. One the one hand:

Wednesday 2:24PM

Gamepass is great for trying out games. Like, shit, Wasteland 3 was on it. I was interested in the game, but at $60, I wasn’t about to bite. Read more

Wednesday 2:20PM

Call me old fashioned, but I like owning my games. I can’t deny how appealing Game Pass is, I’d probably be using it if I still played my xbox just for those games that I always wanted to try but didn’t want to spend full price on.

Eventually though, games get removed. I’m sure it’s a case by case basis and I’m Read more

Wednesday 1:37PM

Okay, now write this same article about Sony releasing Horizon, God of War, Last of Us, and the many other exclusives.
Read more

Wednesday 1:18PM

This is the reason the ‘just them do it, it’s just stuff’ crowd is wrong. The stuff we have is not only paid for with time out of our lives it is often the stuff by which we make our way in this world. A thief is in a very strong respect attacking someone’s life, especially by going after a particular item a person Read more

Wednesday 11:49AM

It is depressing, but I know people who’s lives would be ruined with a $3000 repair bill for the vehicle they use to survive. I get why someone might react this way because their basic life needs are being put in danger. I’m not condoning it, but I can understand why the truck owner was so upset. Read more

Wednesday 10:57AM

Not to justify the killing of a person, but if you truly are sleeping in your car, a catalytic converter becomes a bit more than justa car part”.  It can be crucial to you legally getting around and legally having a place to stay.  Not catalytic converter could mean a failed inspection, would could make it illegal Read more

Wednesday 9:49AM

Hard to say. I do trust Bloomberg as reputable. But on the other side, if the point of a hardware refresh is to continue momentum, well, the Switch doesn’t really need it yet? 30+ months of being the top selling console, coming off their strongest year yet? It could wait a year and be fine I would imagine. Read more

Tuesday 11:17AM

Razer are so close to making really solid products, but they always cheap out on something.

Monday 11:34PM

Anyone remotely interested in this or any Razer laptop should do thorough research before making the leap. The previous Razer Blade they put out earlier this year (I believe with an 11th Gen Intel and a 3070/3080) was not great. It had terrible thermals (expected for an Intel chip, but still pretty bad). It’s GPU was Read more

Monday 9:31PM

You cowards wouldn’t have been able to deal with my Steel Battalion controller. THAT was worth it.

6/13/21 2:58PM

...? I like coop shooters. That’s a massive genre, devs just aren’t allowed to make coop shooters anymore?