Look, I don’t drink, but if a drunk driver has enough self-awareness to not only open Google Maps on their way home, and also somehow process that information and drive in a manner that doesn’t attract the cops, then the person driving is not drunk enough.

The thing that sucks about teaching (I am married to a teacher) is that it is assumed you will work for free. And they do. They are contracted for a specific number of hours per year, but everyone knows that the number of hours are insufficient for prep, professional development and instruction time. So they work a Read more

As a son of the Bluegrass, few things have ever stuck in my craw harder than the moment that Matt Bevin stood before the state assembly and claimed that the Kentucky teacher’s strike had caused a schoolchild to be molested that day. He was an angrier, redder-faced version of Maude Flanders with a receding hairline, Read more

Guess your dad was too busy to raise a decent person.

Exactly... you can only do so much or be ostracized.  And oh I was ostracized, but I had rank and seniority as a civil servant so they could not do much to me.  As far as the hero part, I can agree.  All I wanted to do was change a life; just one life.  

I cannot even argue it. The misogynistic, racist, brutal culture of law enforcement was created over decades. We don’t hire the best and brightest. We hire bullies, former military with a grudge, and those with inferiority complexes. We don’t screen for racism, bigotry, misogyny, or just general hatred. We don’t Read more

The other main witness was fired from her job and had her professional credentials taken away. Read more

You’re right, of course, but it’s a particularly bad take in this case because she “led the internal affairs division for the Michigan State Police”.  She was actively trying to fix things from the inside, and realized that wasn’t possible. 

The argument I’ve heard is that it was flipped about 60 years or so ago, when the top echelons of society stopped being populated exclusively by wealthy scions who—though vile—had been raised with certain ideas about noblesse oblige, philanthropy, community responsibility, and propriety. They were bad men, but of an Read more

It’s not like this is the first time American Assholes overplayed their hand... Read more

I find that when the only interactions you have with people are genuine ones, then those interactions are almost all pleasant. Read more

My apology was not an apology at all, but instead, yet another poorly thought out, base, and immature attempt at humor. Read more

Do you think bank robbers are unaware that robbing banks will lead to getting shot and going to jail? Sounds like that’s not too effective either. Read more

As one of the few Jalopniks reading who has a legit claim to a Mopar equiv to Hart’s awesome Barracuda,
Read more

Man, Bubsy has enough shit to deal with in his life without you seeking him out just to hurt his feelings.