Jun 2 2017

Ahh I see. Yeah I think the superhero aspect and the lack of male gaze aspect and female director aspect are the key points here.

May 31 2017

They knew all about it. They picked him on purpose for “drama.” Drama, by the way, now means hideously racist crap used to make the “star” of your show feel wretched, exposed and used because hey, ratings.

May 31 2017

At the very least it must be possible to find twenty white guys who know that they should probably delete all their racist, homophobic, Islamaphobic, etc. shit online before joining the cast of a very popular television show.

Feb 22 2017

the quote where she says the ““safe space” thing started at these very hoity-toity university systems where you can basically buy your experiences.” is illustrative of a blind spot on race. Safe spaces may have become popularized at hoity-toity universities but the movement on campus was started largely by women of Read more

Feb 22 2017

I actually stuck through it because I knew at some point she would contradict herself. And she did. Read more

Feb 22 2017

I made an account here just so I could reply to you and really, really agree. I find it quite telling her touchstones of ‘radical feminism’ is Firestone or Dworkins and not Patricia Hill Collins, or bell hooks (who has also criticized Beyonce), or Kimberlé Williams Crenshaw. The whole reason the third wave got started Read more

Feb 22 2017

“I’m also frustrated that she seems to think people only distance themselves from the second wave to “assimilate” and totally glosses over racism and transphobia among second wave feminists.” Read more

Feb 22 2017

To me it always feels like kind of a classist look at things. For many people, myself included, the reason you remain complicit with capitalism is because you and those who depend on you literally have their lives on the line. I hate capitalism, but I’m not in a privledged enough position to try and tear it down.

Feb 22 2017

I feel the same way about the changing the last namediscussions that go on around here. Keep your name, change your name- do whatever the fuck you want- but stop claiming that the reason you chose to take on someone elses name is feminist because I have no attachment to my family nameor I want the whole family Read more

Feb 13 2017

I feel like this about so many of these issues. I want to sit these people down and let them know that normal people do not spend all their time thinking about where people go to the bathroom and what kind of sex their neighbors are having.

Jan 29 2017

The disturbing, unwritten part of this story, is that ICE agents seem to be doing their job with excessive gusto, intimidation, and cruelty, rather than any sense of caution. This compliance by the rank and file is how tyrants steamroll a society into submission.

Jan 15 2017

While some camps made a weak effort to conceal their murderous operations, Sobibor was clearly a death camp: prisoners were often taken straight from the trains to the gas chambers. After an uprising in October 1943, Nazis destroyed the camp and attempted to eradicate all evidence of the killings. But researchers have Read more

Jan 11 2017

He just cannot hold it together for longer than ten minutes at a time. By the end of the Q&A he seemed ready to drop to floor in a full body tantrum.

Jan 11 2017

I guess I worry that CNN will deal with this by bending over backwards to make him like them, and not by doing what they should: trying harder to discredit him.

Jan 11 2017

She committed her crime during wartime. I’m not sure where that 3.5 number comes from (I bet you don’t either), but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t account for a member of the military jeopardizing the lives of men and women abroad during wartime. That’s the kind of thing you get shot for on the battlefield—which is not Read more

Jan 11 2017

Manning knew what she was doing. She dumped millions of unread intelligence documents, without regard to the safety of people who put their lives at risk to help the United States. It was not an act of a whistle-blower, it was the act of a disgruntled PFC in the Army who was mad her life and career were going nowhere. Read more