Same thing happened to me maybe 20 years ago.  Pulled over, license checked, then told they were looking for a suspect in a matching car.  I was driving a white E36 M3/4/5.  I mentioned how rare the M3/4/5 was to the cop, was asked to roll up my window and received a fix-it ticket for front window tint :). Read more

I still have that CD somewhere at my parents' house. Read more

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We’re going to go old school for some of these.

Donut has been pretty crappy lately. This was all clickbait stuff. Read more

I used to work with someone (RIP - a really nice old dude who was also the father-in-law of Jim Belushi) who had a private fully restored Pullman railcar stored here in LA at Union Station that took advantage of this policy. It’s been a while but I believe his reason for having one was his wife’s fear of flying.  I Read more

4th Amendment says he doesn’t have to. Read more

Just before COVID, a cheap 2nd gen Volt was a $12k car and Bolts were still only 1-3 years old max. This “10-12k” thing never happened. Read more

This.  We’ve been looking for a used Bolt and this is the cheapest BY FAR that I have seen in the last year or so.  Which explains why the listing has already been deleted.  I wish I had seen it sooner (before it was blasted to the world on here). Read more

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To follow up, a news report on takeovers that aired yesterday. “Torretto’s Market” is at 0:34.

The residents have a point. I used to live nearby and still drive through Angeleno Heights daily on the way to the office. For those who don’t know, Angeleno Heights is one of the oldest LA neighborhoods known for the “highest concentration of Victorian homes” in SoCal. Seriously, that’s on the signs. The house from

Now check the stats for red cities.  Then get back to us.  Dumbass. Read more

The bridge this bridge replaced was essentially the same in all respects and had been there from 1932 to 2016 before it was torn down as a result of concrete issues.  No issues with the old bridge.  Social media has just made people dumber in the last 6 years. Read more

Don’t forget the Acura CL/TL autos. Read more

Bought my new ‘19 in January of 2020.   Read more

My then-new manual ‘19 SE with Experience Package was just under $26k before tax and license. MSRP was north of $34k. Read more

Research the Ferrari/collector car bubble of the late 1980s/early 1990s. Read more

As good a thread as any to whore out pics of my recently acquired non-EV Mini.

Per various posts on Reddit and VWVortex, VW of Bakersfield has marked up their yellow Autobahn Mk8 by nearly $23k. The current advertised price is $62,780. It MSRPs for $40k. Read more

As of January 2022. So, basically a month.