Victor Clarke
Jan 12 2016

Those of us who’ve been following LH for the last decade are used to Lifehacker going hand-in-hand with Gizmodo. I have to say, Eric, that without content like this (tech stuff) I wouldn’t even read LH anymore. Keep up the good work, man.

Nov 16 2015

The only thing I really want to know is when Doors of Stone is coming out. I know authors hate answering that question—and I understand that giving a date can upset fans when it isn’t met—but can you give us some indication of your best current estimate if we pinky swear not to hold you to it? 2016? 2017? Later? Does Read more

Nov 15 2015

I literally fixed this last night on my Windows 10 laptop. I had an Acer ultrabook that supported a 3 finger tap for middle clicking. My Lenovo IdeaPad didnt support it. A 3 finger tap just activated Cortana. I found a website that listed the RegEdits to enable Middle click on the trackpad. This should work on any Read more

Jun 30 2015

Exactly. The tension of combat disappeared because everyone got constantly-upgraded mechs that could do anything (unless the writers wanted you to feel bad, in which case some scrubs were killed and their little portraits turned red). Now they ALL have those long guns, so bye bye complicated, staged combat of head Read more

Nov 29 2013

30.) uTorrent - Honestly? Most people stopped using it when they started bundling adware (Or simply stuck with older versions) - It had its run, got money-hungry, and people moved on - So should you.

35.) f.lux - If you do anything besides... Well... Anything late at night (11pm / 1am), this app makes your PC almost Read more