10/28/19 10:50AM

Yes, after having had private offices, shared offices, private cubicles, semi-private cubicles, and open bull pens, the open bull pen is definitely the worst concept for like, 90% of usages.

2/08/17 10:15AM

I personally am more pissed about the lazy, hate-filled, greedy, American pussies that vote for these shitsticks every god damned election.

2/03/17 11:26AM

And goddammit get Chris Matthews off the air. He’s been useless for years. He talks over anyone who has a decent point to make but just lets windbags like her talk at will. I’m done with NBC and their properties. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’ve switched to CNN for cable news and CBS for broadcast news. Read more

2/03/17 11:09AM

Wait. Why the fuck should a reporter have to ask her WHAT SHE MEANT? Is she not in charge of her own fucking words? Does she not have control over how she forms sentences? I am so goddamn tired of these people I have no fucking clue how I’m gonna make it 4 years without losing my goddamn mind over the hypocrisy.