Apr 13

I saw one of those in CT a few years back, with NY plates. Unspeakably gorgeous car.

Apr 12

Except that the Brooklands wasn’t a custom coach built coupe by an outside design firm.... but I’ll allow it...

Dec 9

Yep! Good ol' Chris Harris. The only issue I would have liked addressed is the tires. It would have be nice to see the Senna on slicks or the GT3 on road tires lol

Jul 9 2015

You didn’t mention that the Enzo is actually the 400th made (beyond the natural production run), and was a gift for the other Italian Mafia Pope. It’s signed by Luca D and comes with a unique interior (No Sultan F4o stuff, but pretty cool). Read more

Jul 3 2015

Dude what are you implying?, Woman don’t know Cars? “Holding Back Stef”, Really? Where/What do you Race?

Apr 27 2015

I kinda wanna see a sci-fi story set in the future where it’s just the drone team people being all “shitty workplace dicks” at each other, and like maybe have a manager-protagonist reign them in and hold things together at least until after the next kaiju strike... otherwise they all get replaced by a bunch of drone Read more

Feb 19 2015

So what you are saying is we need to maximize bird killing at our solar plants by building tall buildings full of windows with cats on top around them.