Sep 7

We need more of this and less of the “Ho hum, another trophy for the trophy room” attitudes. Also, did you notice how all three drivers were congratulating each other AND going to each others’ teams to congratulate them? Now that’s sporting!

Aug 30

I don’t know of many Dixon fans, but everyone acknowledges his greatness. I have never rooted for him, but I don’t dislike him. He’s been such a consistent force and has seen so many great drivers come and go in his career and he’s still doing what he’s always done. Read more

Aug 3

For Honda, add Indiana for the Civic and Ohio for the Accord, CRV, and most of the Acura line up (TLX, ILX, NSX, RDX).

Jul 30

Those are wear items. 

Jul 16

The Wrangler is a license for FCA (excuse me, Stellantis) to print money. There’s a waiting list for used ones. It’s the 4 wheel counterpart to a Harley, a cosplaymobile (for most buyers, let’s be honest). The accessories the parts dept. can sell are more profitable than the whole Fiat lineup. Read more

Jul 2

if I were in a room with this car and a miata I’d buy the miata twice

Jun 16

Agreed. I was on a mountain top on a quad when I spied the Honda Proving Center track.

May 16

One one level, you’re not wrong, but when you think about crossovers being turbo-4 jellybeans with slushboxes based on FWD commuter architecture, there’s a key distinction: Read more

May 11

That series in its prime was criminally underrated/under-watched. It’s still fun, just a bit different. 

May 8

Oh for sure. And also the manufacturer support that comes with that.

Back in the day, Porsche wouldn’t even really acknowledge the Caymans that ran ST or the GS 911s, because they didn’t support street car to race car conversions (I mean, to a degree none of the manufacturers did, but it was another level with Porsche Read more

May 7

If I remember right, I think Karl (Compass360) said even his new GT4 car was cheaper than those ST S3s he ran that final year of the class lol.

Mar 30

I don’t know the specifics of FCA’s deferment, but remember it’s not a CUT for salaried employees.  You’re basically being forced to set aside 20% of your income which will be paid back to you at a later date with a very healthy rate of return (substantially more than banks or even stocks right now) in the future.  Read more

Feb 27

Concerns this week about Covid-19, a.k.a. the Coronavirus, a.k.a. the Wuhan Flu, have themselves mutated into a new strain of meta virus called Coronavirusvirus.

Coronavirusvirus appears to incubate as a form of mostly undetected paranoia, which is covalent with seemingly normal concerns about human rights abuses, Read more

Jan 9

The Acura is a great choice. This generation’s design is my favorite TL.

Dec 29

This is almost exactly what I was going to post. You are a seasoned winter warrior. 

Dec 29

Yep. Those are the steps. I’ll use a gloved hand to sweep snow away from the driver door seals, so I don’t get snow in the car. Then start the car and let the defrosters work while you clear off the car.  Don't forget the mirrors and lights!

Nov 22

Looks like somebody forgot to put the transmission in Bark.

Nov 2

Jim Meyer is the CEO of SiriusXM. He has a bit of sway over who Sirius sponsors.

Apparently the plan for 2020 is to run a full season with one car. The second car they bought is a spare.