I'll admit, I cringed at the tittle when I saw it in my feeds (btw: Brief is a cool Firefox extension for reading your Live Bookmarks a.k.a. RSS Feeds) Read more

If you want to deal with the hassle, then you can sell it yourself. Read more

Umm.... Neither Ripple nor Namecoin are rival digital currencies. In fact, Namecoin is sort of an add-on to Bitcoin. Read more

There will always be less than 21 million bitcoins, and the number will always be increasing Read more

Bitcoin has a mechanism that specifically blocks moore's law, and algorithmic optimizations. As the computers on the network get faster (i.e. the total speed that bitcoins are being mined increases) then the problem that has to be solved to create a bitcoin becomes harder. Read more

I don't think you'll need two video cards. Just spend the money on a higher quality single card. You should be able to get a 7950 for around same price. Read more

Just practice, practice, practice. Download a book from http://www.gutenberg.org/, and type it.

Compatibility overhead should only affect throughput (e.g. downloading large), and not (significantly) affect ping times. So if you're mostly concerned with playing online games, or browsing media-light websites, mixed mode will be fine. Read more

Not only is it okay to correct someone posting that kind of information, it's absolutely the right thing to do. It could get someone killed. Read more

Try to come up with some minimalist deco. That way the emptiness looks deliberate. Read more

Turn your screen upside down? Read more

Toshiba and Asus have great track records. I've been leaning more towards Toshiba while shopping for my new laptop, since Asus hasn't been shipping any descent AMD laptops. Read more

That would be hard to market. Read more

One way is to use an SD-USB converter and an SD card with a write-lock switch. Read more

Chrome is still more secure. But, at least IE has improved to the point that you don't *need* to use another browser. Read more

Stick with Windows 7. Trust me. Read more

That's definitely not a driver issue. Read more

My preferred remedy is a 32 oz. bottle of Gatorade. If it's a really bad hangover, an Ibuprofen helps, too. Read more

Errrm... IANAL, but I'm pretty sure there is a term for this, and it's called "return fraud". Read more