May 21

I let ION Television run in the background a lot when I do woodwork or other things (I like Criminal Minds), and Blue Bloods is advertised constantly. I know the idea of generational Irish cops is an old trope (based in reality), but they go absolutely nuts with the nepotism. Read more

May 21

Dude spends the rest of his free time shilling borderline shady reverse mortgages to the seniors who watch his shows. He gets zapped, probably do him some good. Read more

May 21

I watch this show, and it’s fine in a mindless crime show kind of way. It’s got something for everyone: Tom Selleck being the most honorable man that ever lived; Donnie Walburg getting his ass kicked every three episodes; Tom Brady’s ex-wife getting crossways with the men in her family because she’s a DA and they’re Read more

Nov 3 2017

Lone Justice performing “Working Late” on some MTV NYE show in the late ‘80s. Maria McKee just rips it up, all while wearing the dorkiest dress you’ve ever seen.

Oct 17 2017

I suppose so though my first thought was, “was this song ever really on the radio?” Also it seemed a bit on the nose.

Oct 13 2017

agreed, it’s the first jez article I’ve read where I’ve finished it and gone “what?” Very odd

Sep 27 2017

Nah, I say the aliens making Beth choose which child lives was a spot-on reference to Sophie’s Choice. You know—child.

Sep 19 2017

At some point early in the millennium (or Willennium, for those so inclined), I passed on the offer of a lifetime print subscription to RS for $90-100. Even though the end to the print mag is nigh, I still kind of regret not taking them up on it.

Aug 24 2017

His yearly visit to Letterman for the Quarterback Challenge and the Lone Ranger story (along with the performance from Darlene Love) became an odd family tradition for my family. RIP.

Aug 21 2015

I’m curious—does anyone know if he apologized to the women he hurt? I mean directly, not in a public blanket statement.