7:26 AM

He gets asked that question a lot actually, and says that it’s similar loading to leaning on a table with your arms. I guess the backpack engine does most of the lifting and the arm engines are more for control.

9:23 PM

There are some seriously cool jet pack projects going right now! One of my other favorites is the Gravity jet suit. Much more control and precision than this setup, in exchange for less power and speed. Read more

3:27 PM

Because it’s the proper way to write it and those sources are incorrect. Whenever we use numbers as a part of a variable name in math or science, the number is always in a subscript. Otherwise the number could easily be confused for a numerical value when writing out an equation. 

6:15 PM

I scrolled down here to post some snarky comment about the F-35 being a flop, but it’s really just not fun anymore. Read more

10:37 AM

This would honestly be hard for anyone to figure out without context. Makes it sound like there is one trimester where you should avoid drinking, but it’s OK in the other two...

7:06 AM

Among other recommendations, the bill specifies that the Artemis lunar lander be launched as a single component, rather than a modular multi-piece vessel that would be constructed in space. Read more

6:51 AM

I go by the same philosophy (my car is old). For some newer cars though, parts of the car itself are valuable. I had a family member whose newer Civic was broken into several times and they stole stuff like airbags and other expensive replacement parts.

12:17 PM

God, insurance companies are ruthless. Like what are you supposed to do? Rebuild your life by scavenging at thrift stores? Hopefully they didn’t also screw you over on clothing and furniture.

7:58 AM

Yep. One reason why we drive the 16hrs to Florida to visit family at the holidays instead of flying. There’s way too many horror stories of people flying with dogs to make us comfortable with it.

9:06 PM

According to the DOT, passengers have attempted to fly with “a peacock, ducks, turkeys, pigs, iguanas, and various other types of animals Read more

12:12 PM

Oh yeah. Venture into any rural area in the bible belt and you will discover that these are the prevailing concepts - I would know, I grew up there. Read more

10:28 AM

True, the blame doesn’t lie entirely on the delivery person. Aggressive scheduling algorithms probably play a big role as well. Some manager somewhere probably has control over time allotted for each delivery and is incentivized to keep reducing that time to improve efficiency. Read more

12:19 PM

While I’ll probably always keep buying used cars, I agree with you. There is no universally correct answer to buying new vs used cars, it’s all about personal preference. Read more

12:11 PM

Yeah, I’ve noticed a stark difference between Express and Ground delivery people. The Express delivery guy in our neighborhood is a chill guy from the islands who always has Zeppelin blasting from his cab when he comes by on Saturday mornings. The Ground delivery people are always someone new, but usually Read more

12:36 PM

Let’s not be too pessimistic.. maybe that would be the case if this happened with no witnesses and with an employee who already had a questionable record. But here it’s pretty clear that his action, while it did cause damage, avoided a much greater expense of damaging the aircraft and injuring people. Those carts Read more

6:18 PM

Yeah, financing a brand new car is enough of a challenge for many middle-class households... makes no sense to add car payments and higher insurance at a time of the year when budgets are already strung out from buying other gifts and travelling.

4:55 PM

Sadly, people have long been quick to burn money on perceived shortcuts to fitness. Peloton just joins the endless list of other gimmicky home exercise devices that people will just buy and use to collect dust. People think some fancy gadget will make it easier for them to get off the couch and excise... the reality Read more