40 years ago Newsom would have been a moderate republican. These days not being pants on head crazy makes him a dem.  Read more

If we were a welfare state, like some in the south, sure, but CA is running a surplus for recent years. At one point we had to literally pay money back to people because it crossed a threshold.  Read more

I used to be a big Newsom supporter, but these last couple years he’s been making a series of horrible decisions. He totally messed up California’s covid response, he vetoed this, he vetoed another bill that was going to protect trans kids in custody disputes, and he’s pushing a borderline fascist policy involving Read more

If you grew up in the mansion of blackjack and hookers, you’d probably have different priorities. Read more

All of this plus, during Claremont’s run, especially, the X-books were the comic book equivalents of a soap opera. You need a television series just to tackle who’s all sleeping with/has slept with/wants to sleep with whom, who’s secretly related to whom, what other deep secrets they all have, etc. Read more

Pokemon cards. What a waste... Read more

I said a few days ago to my mother that I never imagined how crucial Beanie Babies would be to my formative ideas about money\worth\economics\everything. Was like 6 when that craze peaked and I just remember vividly not understanding and desperetly trying to get adults to explain it to me. Read more

My friend, I can’t begin to explain how often a truncated version of this runs through my head every day. Read more

While I don’t normally argue against people spending their own discretionary income on whatever they please, it’s hard not to read this story and think it’s never been clearer that we live in essentially a caste system where certain financial tiers are so far removed from each other that the most basic values and Read more

In a year not a single person will care about the last few months of her time in the Senate Read more

I mean  he’d pee poop for a start,  Read more

But religious closeted gay conservatives are somehow convinced one frame of gayness will magically turn their straight kids gay. Read more

Every gay person has watched thousands of hours of entertainment about straight people growing up and it didn’t make them straight. But religious conservatives are somehow convinced one frame of gayness will magically turn their straight kids gay. Read more

It’s like I always say: You don’t change the number of planets by redefining the word “planet,” you change the number of planets by blowing one to smithereens
Read more

Don’t let those regulators stifle innovation!” (submersible crashes) Read more

I’m nearly 60. I was 14 when the first SW came out, so:
a) I’ll take my pleasures - bitter and melancholy as they may be - where I can find them.
b) Whoever this ‘Andrew’ is, I outrank him as someone who saw SW on its first release. Read more

I do like the idea of Leia straight-up gaslighting Lord Vader.  Read more

I feel like that makes Leia look like even more of a bad-ass (at a time when we all very much needed to have fond feelings about Carrie Fisher). Read more

The Last Jedi is my second-favourite SW film, and I take a certain perverse pleasure that the complaints of all the dick-heads led to the horror that is tRoS. Read more