I’m almost the target market for this.  I’m pretty much entirely off of Instagram at this point, mostly because I’m sick of reels of reposted TikTok content.  I almost went back to Flickr, for chrissakes.  I just am not an iPhone user- I have some neat scans of 120 film from an ancient Yashica TLR, and no place to Read more

I’m picturing my damp dog rolling on damp sheets and having lovely smears of mud and dog smell all over. Read more

I was just a couple of months ago thinking about that fancy kitty litter that changes color to indicate the health of cats, and wondering if there was a way to add chemicals to a toilet’s water supply to change toilet water color to indicate health status.  I had no idea this was on its way... there goes my thousand Read more

AND- generally those in favor of the death penalty tend to be part of the “government is always incompetent and corrupt and can’t do anything right” crowd. Read more

I owned and drove one, and through the rose-tinted glasses of nostalgia, I do have a soft spot for it.  But being honest, it was marginally reasonable as a teenage daily driver in the 90s, and I could not imagine living with it now.  I’d love one as a weekend toy still, but it’s  a slow, tinny little thing that was Read more

As somebody who has pretty much made a main personality trait of shitting on Sublime, prepare for the Sublime fans. Read more

Fair point... I should have said a traditional, brick and mortar dealership. Read more

My girlfriend just bought through Carvana- while she got a car she liked, it was a painful shitshow of a process, with weeks of back-and-forth, shady changing of accepted terms, prices shifting daily, and multiple delivery attempts (the first time, they had the car on a trailer, but ended up leaving because of some Read more

Mine’s a 2013 1.8 with the same number of miles... Ex rental car, little dents on most of the panels, but it’s been good to me for the past couple of years.  I read the transmission is a weak point, so I’ve flushed the fluid and plan on replacing it more often.  I put some snow tires on it last winter and got through Read more

I happily drive a Chevy Sonic hatchback. It’s perfect for my needs. The day I brought it home, I packed away the package shelf and folded the rear seats down, and I don’t think I’ve had to raise them up since.  I’ve hauled a surprising amount of stuff back there with my recent move, and son’t think I’ve missed any Read more

Anecdotally, conservative women don’t need to limit their search to conservative men.  My ex wife, who went very right, quickly found someone else who first asked if she was serious about all the Trump stuff... when she said yes, he just didn’t care.  I suspect there are way more apathetic men who are okay with Read more

My girlfriend has been throwing money at her 2001 Golf, and is now looking for something used under 10k.  Holy crap, is this a sad scene to look at.  I thought I had it bad buying my ex-rental Chevy Sonic with dents in nearly every body panel... Read more

I’m going to say air conditioned seats.  I had a rental with them in Northern Minnesota in December and still thought they were the bee’s knees.  I could only imagine how good they would feel in swampy summer. Read more

I’m saying Montana. When I moved from the west coast, driving through Montana was horrible... I met a person from Bismark, ND and she was amazed that I had fond memories. It was the first place I had seen a building taller than two stories in what seemed like forever after passing Missoula. Read more

I felt like a genius for coming up with this one... Those jets under the rim were clogging on me. So to fix it I did the following: Read more

Yeah, that forty degree drizzle... Nobody here in Minnesota believes me when I say the damp makes it feel way colder.  Forty and rainy is about the same feeling as zero and dry here. Read more

Fair, I was being unreasonably bitchy.  And the forty degree mist does feel kind of chilly, I’m suddenly remembering. Read more

I mean, Seattle has hills, but I exclusively drove manual while living in the area. It was not a problem.  Traffic has gotten worse, but still.  And heated steering wheel? I moved to Minnesota... You do not need a heated steering wheel in Seattle. Read more

Wal-Mart-   We put the Douche in Fiduciary Responsibility Read more

I live alone, AND I have a terrible appetite.  One meal a day (sometimes less) is nearly impossible to shop for without wasting a ton of food. Read more