Apr 18 2019

It’s fine I guess, if you ignore that it strips out the only things I really like about Final Fantasy X and replaces them with systems I had already grown to dislike. Read more

Mar 18 2019

So Netflix should slow everything down and dole out shows 1 episode at a time to make your job easier?  Ok Grandpa, sure thing.  And we’ll make sure these newfangled horseless carriages never go faster than walking speed so your job shoveling horseshit is protected forever!  

Dec 3 2018

In all honestly, I bet people wouldn’t be making such a huge deal out of the 400 carry if inventory management in F76 wasn’t an endless nightmare of pointless scrolling and tabbing. Read more

Sep 13 2018

I guess we can’t have two Odysseys on the Switch...

May 31 2018

Pfft. I teach in jeans and a hoodie half the time (thus the perks of higher education; and I have the excuse of saying I’m providing a lesson on semiotics at the same time), and I’d have zero interest in trading in my standard attire for an IOTV.

I had to wear one of those. The plates make you feel pretty damned Read more

May 27 2018

So an actual witch hunt, just like Trump is always screaming about.

May 10 2018

It’s important to mention the only player returning from the Smash 4 invitational is the winner Zero so if that was their intention it makes perfect sense.

May 2 2018

Sign, sign, everywhere a sign
Mockin’ white supremacy, takin’ my time
Do this, don’t do that, can’t you rip the sign?

Feb 5 2018

I blame the absence of fathers in the white community. Where is the personal responsibility???

Nov 19 2017

“Dear Dr. Nerdlove ... I’m thinking about breaking up with my boyfriend because he’s distant and seems uninterested in me. The way I see it, I’ve got two options: 1. sit down with him and have an open, face-to-face conversation. 2. Write him a note, use google to translate it to Filipino, and then hand-convert that to Read more

Nov 19 2017

I’m looking forward to his next project. I heard it focuses on when he played Street Fighter growing up and the impact Dhalsim had on him.