Sep 10 2016

Rule #1 #352 - The person ahead of you is permitted to stop wheresoever they damn well please. That’s why you are supposed to give YOURSELF a safe distance behind them so that you may stop safely. You may not know why they need to suddenly stop, but it is fair to assume they know why. Don’t get pissed at them for Read more

Sep 10 2016

Unless I saw a different video, the Nissan guy had every reason to fight back and use force. If you get assaulted, you hit back, you protect yourself. Fucking douche biker.

Jun 10 2016

The 2016 Ford Mustang looks properly phosphorescent in British police livery. Reports say U.K. cops are evaluating the pony car for patrol duty this summer. And perhaps crowd control detail?

May 26 2016

The 2010 I-totally-thought-that-was-a-TVR Devon GTX looks pretty good, even if you can tell they’ve just been doing burnouts and donuts in the background of the press image.