3/09/17 7:35AM

So far there has been nothing wrong with my interior. *knock on wood. Not sure I would have wanted a two door Prado. I’ve always liked the convenience or the door door. Just wish the back glass lifted open like every other SUV on the planet

3/08/17 8:36PM

That is one of the reasons I picked the GX. Center diff, hill descent control, and uber reliability. Just hope that are suspension doesn’t fail. *knock on wood. Read more

3/08/17 7:55PM

It came down to a Jeep Grand Cherokee and a Lexus GX470 when choosing an off-road DD last fall. Picked the GX. I love it. Sometimes though I wonder if I should have just gone with the good ol’ Jeep.

1/04/17 10:04PM

Logan area? I remember reading once that a lot of testing happens around Hocking Hills. Ohio has a lot of great roads if you know where to look.

9/15/16 7:54AM

You could sleep in it too. This car holds the record for most shoulder room in any vehicle ever. The seats are massive

8/05/16 1:43PM

What sort of reactions do you get as you drive along? Big Cadillacs used to make a statement to the public as you drive along. Does this one?

6/28/16 3:17PM

It might blow the doors off but then again a wagon will never have the passion, lust, or sheer enjoyment of a proper two door sports car.

5/19/16 9:18AM

Let's not forget chewing gum!

5/18/16 2:41PM

Glad to see another book is coming out. The first one had me laughing every page! Good luck with this trip it'll be one for the books.

5/17/16 2:00PM

Sad to see you go. Just another reason not to read Jalopnik

4/15/16 1:53PM

This is a good omen! When a race car catches fire we know it is ready for the big time!!

4/13/16 8:53PM

Good they will have a steep depreciation curve and then I can buy one

4/07/16 6:19PM

Sad to see him go. He certainly was there for the beginning of the GM Renaissance

3/26/16 12:41PM

You want to hate on the Contientals and other products? Fine more for me. No reason to be so narrow minded

3/26/16 12:39PM

Have you seen the new Continental at the auto shows? The interior is outstanding and the exterior looks great as well

3/26/16 11:31AM

Bring it back as a Pontiac and sales will go threw the roof.