Oct 8

+10 for Zippy, who was still a towering genius compared to this walking scrotum.

Oct 2

I don’t want him to die because then he’d never see the inside of a federal prison. I wish him a long, humiliating life behind bars, addled for years with painful and disfiguring health complications.

Sep 11

As a kid, I watched “Hercules” until “Xena” became a thing, and then I couldn’t go back to it after it just couldn’t measure up to how awesome Lucy/Xena was. Not only did she look like a million bucks, she was exciting and fun to watch in action, esp. when she got to YIYIYIYIYIYIYIYIY before chucking her frisbee of Read more

Sep 8

Who didn’t know that the fix was in on that damn Kaep try-out bullshit?

Aug 29

I was in the middle of watching a Mission Impossible movie.  I saw the notice on my phone, tell my wife and her first reaction is “That has to be a prank.”  Just out of nowhere.  He did Black Panther, the last two Avengers movies, plus everything else he’s done in the past 4 years, and we didn’t have a clue.

Aug 28

His towering performances are even more amazing considering what he was enduring behind the scenes.

Aug 28

I’ve never felt more moved coming out of a superhero movie than Black Panther on openng day. Boseman didn’t create T’Challa, but he made him totally believable as a character -- noble, compassionate, and brave -- and as a figure who could mean so much to so many people, not just lifelong comics fans. This  is Read more

Aug 18

Given their girth?.. Even the sick Cheetah with the broken leg was like “I think I can take’em”