The top player in PvP in ESO can become Emperor Read more

This is literally only apealling to current PS4 owners then. I’d gladly give it a go, but with a DS4 requirement how am I meant to? Read more

What armour is that in the Witcher 3 screenshot where Geralt is about to sneeze? Read more

The light strip could flash, the controller could rumble, or there could be a sound notification Read more

“You can right-click a window to move it to another desktop (previously you could only drag windows from one desktop to another).” Read more

They literally went with the opposite of “If it aint broke don’t fix it” Read more

Probably Elite: Dangerous or Black Desert Online, loving BDO so far but I haven’t played ED in a while and I’m itching to fly a space ship around. Read more

Maybe a PC release for the sequel? Seems like the most logical platform for a franchise that is meant to last a decade Read more

My company recently moved office and employed a clear desk policy as part of our new smart working arrangement which involves people such as journalists, writers and researchers working at any available space whether it be at a desk or sitting on a sofa and people like me, designers, web developers etc work at a fixed Read more

A season system would work a lot better, maybe every two months a new season starts, you die, you can’t play till the next season.

If games like Rust are anything to go by, players in these online persistent survival games will stop at nothing to kill you or destroy your base when you’re away. Read more

Just imagine if Red Dead Redemption WAS on PC and whoever made the mod made GTA then load up RDR with the Delorean suddenly appearing and a GTA V character getting out. Oh My God! Imagine Trevor in a western cowboy town! Read more

I think that could be the graphics settings from when the camera is hovering above the map, because obviously rendering the whole map in that view would be very taxing. Read more

Will never be better than the Keystone game from Fable 2!
Read more

A Wii would be cheaper but if you’re deciding between the two go for the Shield. You’ll end up getting more of an all-in-one system, it’ll be able to run emulators for PS1, NDS, Gameboy, etc. And it’ll mean you get all the benefits of Android TV like the games. Read more

Has SONY agreed to allow mods on PS4 yet?
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If it’s not faster using a SSD on PC it won’t be faster on Xbox One :( Read more

Happily got a refund for DayZ, despite buying it way back in December and playing for 4 hours. I also returned a bunch of other stuff and now have a nice £60 in my Steam Wallet waiting for the summer sale to start. Read more

Is Galaxy in public beta now?
I just went on GOG and noticed a slight redesign of the site, especially the library, and also the site for Galaxy now says ‘download’ rather than ‘sign up for beta’.
I’m not sure if everyone can download it or it’s just that I’m in the beta. Read more

I’m sure your gonna be getting a lot soon seeing as PC has a new built in video editor :D Read more

Hopefully this new trailer means that the PC version has gone gold and no more delays will happen! Read more