7:45 PM

Oh god, Skyrim and Fallout 4. I broke both by focusing on things like blacksmithing and settlement building - little by little, I’m making things, gaining levels and not doing SHIT quest-wise. But seriously, Elder Scrolls’ mechanics are made to be abused, my playstyle turned me into a ninja sniper god with zero effort Read more

11:14 AM

Persona 5 for sure with me. I’ll waste a full day on that and wonder why it’s already 5pm lol

3:40 PM

I played a lot of Melee in college in anticipation of Brawl. My roommate thought it was really weird. If only he could see how popular Melee still is today...

1:12 PM

I don’t have time to explain why I don’t have time to explain.

10:26 PM

Hey there guys! I’ve been lurking and occasionally commenting around here for a while, this week I decided to write an article for TAY and just finished it! Of course i’m super excited, so I wanted to check how it can show up on Tayclassic or TAY. I read the tutorial and added the required tag. Sorry if I’m putting Read more

6:17 PM

New Wolfenstein by Machine Games...really doesn’t get much better than that! So excited!

3:19 PM

Tekken 3 was a big part of my childhood too. There were a lot of gatherings at the grandparents house on special occasions and bringing the PS1 with Tekken 3. I remember I once got into a confusion induced shouting match because in my native language the word “king” translates to “who”. I think maybe someone was Read more

10:50 AM

I graduated for the University of North Texas witha B.S. of Kinesiology back in december 2016, yet I am doing nothing with that degree besides utilizing the physics classes I took. This is because I started programming about a year before I graduated and fell in love. Read more

1:53 PM

It took me a few playthroughs to get it, but I now think of Final Fantasy IX, at the end of Disc 2 when Garnet and her mother, the queen, are on the shore together. Even though the queen had been absolutely horrible to her the entire game, you see in that moment that she had her mom back, the caring, loving figure in Read more

10:05 AM

One of the best thing that came out because of Persona 5. I think Ive put nearly 20 hours in, and Im only up to May 19. Im only tackling the main story too.

10:31 AM

I think you touched on it a bit but I also wanted to expand on the idea that separating art from the person is incredibly difficult when the person is the art. These people aren’t making music or displaying pieces that they’ve created, the camera is solidly fixed on their faces. They are selling themselves and so it Read more

10:49 AM

We tried to watch Twin Peaks, but it was just a tad too ~weird~ and ~out there~ for us. Not a bad show, but just not for us, unfortunately. Read more

8:30 PM

Hey! I’ve posted a couple of articles about gaming here over the last few weeks, having a great time, the community is awesome! Just wanted to check, are articles about comics outside of the tay wheelhouse? Have written one for my WordPress and have some ideas for a few more, but don’t want to be stepping on toes.

2:41 PM

I have so many words about why FFVI is special that it’s hard to put in one comment, but I think so much of it comes not only from the whole creative team giving it their all, but the freedom and relatively new territory they were working with. Read more