I saw the car a day before its official debut when it was unloading off a transport truck. Definitely sounded like a Ferrari 599 (and has the interior to match). As they were moving it the wheels were scraping the fenders, so I guess that gives you an idea of the build quality. Read more

Not sure if it occurred with this incident, but the person who posted the video mentioned later that Ferrari claimed that the wrecked cars (3 other cars crashed and one caught fire during the rally) were driven by Ferrari employees despite obviously being driven by owners. It was also mentioned that nobody at Ferrari Read more

PersonallyI think red is one of the worst colors for a Ferrari. Blue is certainly more gorgeous.

Was that during the 918 and i8 event? Wish I could've been there for that. Read more

Even though this is a Mclaren color, I wouldn’t be surprised if Mclaren let you purchase a car in a custom color through their MSO program if you paid them enough money. Read more

Wow. This is actually super cool. A few years ago you made my day when I saw you driving this at a PIR track day. I still remember you letting me sit in the car and I was so excited. It was one of my favorite cars at the time and I'll never forget that moment. And the sound it made going around the front straight was Read more

For something so rare and powerful, I'm surprised they're so cheap. As strange as it is, I would totally own one. Read more

This was a prank for a Youtube video. (The owner's friend has some big pranking Youtube channel) The owner even posted a few selfies with the car and fake paint on Instagram. Read more

Mercedes better be planning a 911 GT3 rivaling AMG GT Black Series. Read more

As amazing as this car looks, I'm not sure I can justify 65,000 more than the standard V8S. That's nearly enough to buy an M3 or Vantage on top of that. Although I can't say it doesn't look gorgeous. Read more

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Straight pipes seem to work almost as well.

35up could also mean the N55 (or whatever replaces it) and anything larger (V8s). Although how that would work with the smaller engined 3, 5, and 7, I'm not sure. Read more

Or buy a nice W12 Phaeton for half the price. Maybe not as "Boss like" but still almost a Bentley. Read more

I looked at the linked list of what's covered and it seems like a really good price considering you're getting a half million dollar car serviced. Read more

All I know is it's gorgeous. Read more

If they put a V12 in this (like Clapton requested) it would be a perfect modern day version of the 512BB. Read more

I don't have any skills to make a render of it, but I have an idea: Read more

Will there be a change log (Maybe there is and I haven't seen it) so some of us can make sense of the new system. (Given the number of posts on Oppo about it, I think some people needs some explanation) Read more

Do you know if some of the comment issues/complaints will be explained and/or altered? Read more