well, for all we know, it might have popped 639 years ago.... Read more

Still, it’s gone from my machine, and whatever Blizzard will show at Blizzcon had better be mighty impressive if they want me to spend another € on them. Read more

Mario’s arm is going to give me nightmares. Read more

Sometimes this website, Deedspin, posts GIFs that just make me laugh like they have no right to do. Read more

Glad I wasn’t the only one. It was my favorite out of this list. Read more

He’s got the right energy, was my fave too. Read more

I can’t believe the Patriots went to all this trouble to beat the Dolphins.
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I’m actually fairly surprised by this. I figured it was fairly well understood that a Steam purchase was a license to use the software and that the license was non-transferable. Figured that would be a slam dunk argument.
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Yeah, I knew there was one I forgot, that really was a great Sinestro. Read more

Loved Doom, Skeletor, Blade & Morpheus! Read more

I cannot imagine that the FCC would allow Disney to make that purchase as the Fox purchase was borderline for them. Read more

I’m a feminist and I found that scene hard to watch. I don’t like sexual assault no matter who it’s happening to. I kept wondering if the lady would turn into Doppleganger. Read more

it’s gotta be an algorithm of some type, right? the article mentions key words - such as car and trunks - so the ads reflect that. not defending it, mind you. it is grotesque Read more

Well, this is exactly what responsible game devs have been telling the F2P and then lootbox scum for a decade: If you don’t regulate yourself, someone who doesn’t know anything about it is going to step in and regulate it for you badly. Read more

At least until their new Star Wars movies comer out. Seven help us.
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Evil needs to feel and look very real. Read more

All in all, I can’t really complain considering things ended more or less the way I had hoped/thought: Read more

You know what would REALLY help? If players showed some solidarity with the people who make the games they love and stopped playing League of Legends until Riot gets their act together. Read more