Sep 1 2014

I doubt "Jason" ever did any hacking. He seems much more like a hanger-on; the fringe member of an entourage, the one who tries harder than everyone else in the group to use up the cache earned by better members of the group.

Aug 28 2014

The fact that Rice is getting to wear purple in October is actually the problem.

Aug 5 2014

Since absolutely nothing spoken from Cumia's mouth should be considered intelligent, I choose to bring attention to the deeds of an individual that is far more worthy of attention and negates this ignorant man's argument. Let me introduce Katherine Johnson, a black research mathematician who worked in the all-male Read more

May 27 2014

I was mentioned by name in a suicide note by a boy I'd turned down. While I feel badly for his death, I do not, cannot and WILL NOT take blame for his actions because I refused to date him. I am so sick of this idea that men are owed a date/kiss/blowjob/anything just because they want it. Nobody owes anybody Read more

May 25 2014

one day, as a society; we will figure out how to.film on our cell phones correctly. I have a dream that people will not be judged by the color.of.their.skin, but by their orientation of their cell phone.

May 21 2014

Right, I had my dinner and came back to finish a much more respectful and interesting discussion with someone else on a related topic to find this: Read more

May 21 2014

So your solution to a society that teaches men (yes, yes NOT ALL MEN) that women are theirs for the taking so long as they don't call it rape is to leave unchanged a business model that reasserts directly the idea that women *who are not sex workers* are there to satisfy men's sexual desires? That's...one idea.

May 21 2014

Ok, you just need to stop. The problem with your "solution" is that it ignores the history of sexual abuse towards women and how systemic it is. Boundaries don't mean anything to people who think they're entitled to another person's body. That's what the issue is. Not deciding when it's "ok" to objectify other people Read more

May 21 2014

Funny you should say that, I've done a lot of work in the T&A business and Hooters customers were way worse behaved than the gentlemen at the strip club or cam show viewers. I thought Hooters would be like stripping with less acro but it was just as hard for crappier tips and worse treatment. The food service element Read more

May 19 2014

Unfortunately you've been duped by an impostor. I'M the actual Jewish person who's officially in charge of what's insensitive. When my goyish friend saw me reading The Yiddish Policemen's Union and said, "Watcha reading there? 50 Shades of Jew?" Hilarious! Macklemore's costume? Insensitive and awful. If he actually Read more

May 19 2014

wow, they aren't saying "Hey that looks like a Jew!" She is saying "wow, that looks just like how Nazi's caricatures of Jewish people". I mean I get offended when people where blackface and its not because I think wearing shoe polish face with white lips "looks like a black person" BUT BECAUSE IT IS HISTORICALLY A Read more

May 19 2014

I know I've gotten way more action with way hotter dudes than my skinny friends who settled early on. When I was single I was making out with at least a couple quality hotties every week. Now, I go to bed every night with a super sexy silver fox who loves my body!

May 17 2014

I just want to add that I have seen codes where the nurse was really low key, and it took precious seconds for the rest of us to realize that she HAD a code we needed to jump on. So, I stick with aggressively proclaiming my need for HELP!

May 17 2014

"So even if someone does not have an adverse reaction to gluten, it's still possible their body is reacting badly to something in wheat, even if we're not 100% sure what it is yet." Read more

May 16 2014

god, thank you. reddit tends to get a pretty bad rap here, and it annoys the shit out of me. there are douchebags, like everywhere, and they should definitely be called on their bullshit. but theres tonnes of awesome stuff, too, and that rarely gets a mention. i hate that people miss out on some really great Read more

May 15 2014

Oh, son of a bitch. I had a really long, well-thought out and intelligent response to this story all ready to go, but now I seem to have misplaced my fedora.