Ford Sierra RS Cosworth!

FYI: the picture you used for the RS200 is actually a replica. Read more

Sweet! I made the main page! My car. I always start high and negotiate. Pricing is kind of a crapshoot on this thing anyway. Who knows what it’s actually worth? Might as well start high and not leave anything on the table. Plenty of wiggle room here. Previous owner and dear friend of mine was the builder. He did many Read more

It looks like something I designed on a fourth grade math assignment. Read more

I've seen this EsCos in person at the 2010 All Ford Nationals at Carlisle. Definitely a high point. Owned by a friend of friends. Anyway, they're just missing a Sierra to go along side. Too bad they didn't call me. Here's mine:

I bet Don Panoz loves that his Delta Wing now has front fenders... Read more

Peter Stevens. Champion of fluid, elegant, simple design combined with genuine aerodynamics and excellent packaging.

500hp Merkur XR4Ti fully converted to Cosworth spec body and suspension? 71-80% Jalop. Thank you very much! Read more

Misrepresentation! This is a SWB 100" not a LWB 109" Read more