4:38 PM

OK, little help here, but are my comments in this thread sexist and I'm completely oblivious, or is the person going batshit insane on me the crazy one? Please, someone tell me I was being reasonable. I am definitely NOT pro-guys-watching-porn-in-Starbucks and am definitely pro-telling-people-off, but my point was Read more

11:16 PM

I gave blood today. Saving B+ lives. Cheap buzz tonight! And now I pass out.

12:35 AM

...and there I was, late on a Friday night, arguing with strangers on the Internet. I'm going to pretend that this is a symptom, and not a cause, of being single. Night, all!

11:04 PM

Ah, I've been waiting for this take on the Megan Phelps thing. I'll open myself up to potential crotch-punches because I know he's a love-him-hate-him kind of guy, but I love Kevin Smith. And he's been sparring with Megan Phelps specifically for a long time, and considering Red State is basically a huge shit on the

12:01 AM

Just spent a day with a friend of about 10 years, who I had an on-and-off sort of interest in, who asked me a few weeks ago why I never made a move on her and if I would be interested in dating friends. My response was that a) I did make a move, referencing 'that party on the beach when we made out' a few years ago, Read more

10:16 PM

Hi, new here, someone suggested I stop by. As my intro, I offer this: I've been trying the online dating thing for the first time recently. I posit that the refresh button has become the new waiting-next-to-the-phone [most of us] went through in high school. For those of us who went to high school before text Read more