Mar 9 2017

Today’s Joe Rogan pod with Arian Foster has been tremendous so far (I haven’t finished the last hour yet). There are not enough superlatives to describe him, but I’ll pass on that he wishes society was focused on artists and scientists instead of sports. He tried to study Astronomy but was told he couldn’t because his Read more

Feb 23 2017

I got violent on weed once. Wrote an internet comment in all caps.

Feb 20 2017

The “49ers Quaterback” thing just jumped out at me.

Feb 20 2017

This is no laughing matter, except the part about trying to use a phone charger to strangle himself.

Feb 12 2017

For a minute there Phil Jackson saw “Former Syracuse Star Melo Dies” and got super excited.

Feb 11 2017

Rapacious Lawyer Stirs Shit Among Families of Dead Friends, Collects Fee

Feb 8 2017

Seriously. If I were the Knicks, I’d be afraid that he’d “get some help” and then come back.

Feb 8 2017

Who the fuck does James Dolan think he is with “we hope he gets some help soon.” Oak is a fucking legend and Dolan is a fucking joke. This organization is a dumpster fire. I’d rather see Trump own the Knicks.

Feb 2 2017

I can tell you in Ohio, people give zero fucks about their stance on politics except for fringe right and left assholes who don’t use their device anyways. We just want a ride home man.

Feb 1 2017

Let me make this easy for somebody who dribbles basketballs for a living. Hey Luol, you know those evil people that forced you to flee your country, we would like to prevent them from entering our country. When a military age man tries to enter our country from a country with a failed government, it can be quite Read more

Jan 31 2017

Just the ol’ “make up random shit to emphasize a shitty point” tactic. It still works.