People are importing them because they are CHEAP. Let folks drive them in parades. Read more

Grandfather them because they were OK at one time due to rules that didn’t consider safety, etc? I’m not buying that argument. Read more

We should have been more precise in our language around the Delica and ‘mini-trucks,’ but regardless, the underlying statute is what is being followed.”” Read more

It’s definitely a tricky description because of the Korean-Japanese past. But even as a Korean, it’s the easiest way to describe it. Well, not “Korean sushi” but “Korean sushi roll.”

I love how the window switches defy all conventional logic about which way should be up and down and they “fixed” it by putting a hideous decal on the armrest to continually remind you that you bought a car built by people who give zero shits about building cars properly.

I was reaching back to when I was a kid. It was literally the only thing people would understand, and when you say it a dozen times, you default to what works, you know? Plus then I’d have to brace for the fact that people would call it “weird” right afterwards so at some point I just stopped wanting to bother.

The rice is seasoned, it’s just not seasoned the same way - sesame oil and salt instead of vinegar and sugar.

Rice in kimpbap is usually seasoned, albeit with sesame oil and salt instead of vinegar, salt and sugar.

It’s difficult because it’s certainly tempting to call it “Korean sushi.” It’s the most obvious description to a Westerner who has never heard of kimbap but definitely knows and understands what sushi is. Read more

You could say “It looks like sushi, but the ingredients are different. It’s delicious!”

it’s also just not a good term for it considering the historical context of calling something distinctly korean a japanese name given the horrors of what Japan did to Korea.

Wow, even Gatchaman/BOTP/Gforce is coming to the big screen?

the police arrested him on multiple charges, including...reckless opinion of a motor vehicle... Read more

I hate the smell of microwave popcorn. It smells like dirty feet for me. Does that count?

Ever have the roasted corn or barley tea?!

It’s also really fun to roll them and it makes for a great social activity. My mom’s secret is the spinach. It’s gotta be blanched and a little sesame oil added to it. Ground beef with a lot of pepper works well too. And it all goes down perfectly with a cup of plain old hot water for the beverage.