Mar 9 2018

*sighhh* Of course this is what they announce. One day we’ll get a proper re-release with the original cutscenes...

Jan 28 2018

This is so exciting! Though is there a reason you call him Mitasuda instead of Mitsuda?

Sep 28 2017

eee that preview video made me grin so big. It’s like hanging out and having fun with all my queer friends. I gotta check this out.

Aug 28 2017

Hurray! So glad that you’re sharing her art on Kotaku. Erica is really good, and the first person I’ve bought prints from online in forever. Highly recommend checking out her daily sketches!

May 2 2017

The big difference is, Hideki Kamiya is a fleshy human developer that gets sweaty, while Yoko Taro is an ice cold robot with an artisanally-crafted heart of gold.

Apr 24 2017

I bet these cosplayers showed them assorted options and staff said, “These are the cutest!” And the rest, as they say, is history.

Apr 24 2017

They’re popular characters who are cute, I suppose. Advertising is weird.

Mar 6 2017

Whoaaaaa. I loved Shin Godzilla, but I didn’t think it’d beat out such popular films. I mean, it’s an important film, particularly for this moment, but dang. Congrats to them!

Feb 10 2017

Can’t wait! FTL was amazing! Really high quality. I will buy every game they make.

Dec 20 2016

Worth noting this was not uploaded“earlier tonight”. It was uploaded 6 days ago on December 13th but only started picking up attention tonight. It has been up for almost a -week-. Which, in my opinion, is even funnier. Read more

Nov 18 2016

It should be “Yuuri on Ice!” but sure. It’s still a very good show you should check out.

Nov 11 2016

In the game’s world, there seem to be different areas. So, like, he’s from a super rich, royal area and thus has clothes like that, while they are going on a road trip through “normal” country. I hope they address that they generally look out of place. Though they’ve shown scenes of them in big cities and fitting in.

Nov 2 2016

Whoa. I dig that it seems like a hybrid between classic Godzilla and Shin Godzilla. It is so creepy and cool.

Oct 24 2016

... I wonder if this Godzilla statue’s arms would be sturdy enough to hold me and make me feel safe in my exorbitantly expensive and cold home full of icons of my absurd wealth I earned at the expense of every relationship I’ve ever really cared about.

Oct 19 2016

Now that we’ve seen their final evolutions, Popplio is unequivocally the best. You seen that swimming pop star mermaid? Aka the Popplio Star Mermaid. I want its next album. Read more