Compared to Trump, bobby newport is a sweetheart Read more

Breaking news: white man with lots of privilege cannot handle losing contest. Just wants things handed to him. Read more

I had to pause the video and take a moment when Newt fucking Gingrich accused Fox fucking News of liberal bias. Read more

Please let this election end already. It just feels so weird rooting for Megyn Kelly for something. Read more

More like Andrew Bigot, amirite??? Read more

I’d question his motivation here, but with that American flag tie, I’m positive this is a well-informed and potent argument. Read more

I know when I go into the voting booth I wonder what rich old men who made all their money off free labor would have me do. Read more

At least Trump is comfortable being who he is, bluster and all. Curt on the other hand, painfully tries to pass himself off as some thoughtful intellectual of the right. It’s cringe worthy hearing him “explain” things. He’s an awful combination of a college freshman philosophy major and an embittered gamer-gater.
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Hopefully he will team up with Ted Cruz and his father, in some sort of LeBatard-esque right-wing news show. Rafael Cruz already has tremendous experience blowing left-wing minds. Read more

I’m sure he’s always had his own series, we just were not aware of it until this year.
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I regard Notre Dame as the St. Louis Cardinals of college football. They win once in a while, but mostly they’re just full of shit. Read more

Man it’s really feast or famine with the Irish.
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Are we going to eventually see teams shy away from dumping tons of money on the Kershaws and Prices and instead open the coffers for the guys who seem to reach another level in the postseason? The baseball season itself is rather pressure-less overall. It just seems some guys crack under postseason pressure or get in Read more

It works great for Army! 15 straight BCS titles and counting. Read more

They have this new feature on Deadspin which allows you to scroll down and not have to click every article if you are not satisfied with the topic. You should check it out.
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