Jun 26

So go to Indy and wear a mask. I’m sure plenty will. The mortality rate for your age group is miniscule either way. Or just stay home for the next couple years...

Jun 1

Hey man, any other quotes you can blow out of proportion? I need more stories like this to shape my opinion on the world.

Apr 22

In what world are you living. Most people I know do these things.

Apr 10

sometimes i wonder if you even watch racing. successful clickbait for sure. i watched every single race the delta wing entered. it sucked - ass. it definitely did not crash well, could barely match the speed of the prototypes, let alone open wheel cars. at the track we’d laugh every time it came around. almost Read more

Jan 18 2020

It’s not the drivers, it’s the literally thousands of crew members, including media, medical, etc., who have to support the “show”. And yes, even some drivers do have wives and children back home too.

Jan 13 2020

The problem wouldn’t be you being a skilled driver, it would be you interacting with those who aren’t. Honestly, the biggest problem on freeways would probably be lane discipline if such a license existed. All the “I’m doing 5 over the speed limit, he can go around me if he wants,” people and just plain oblivious Read more

Dec 5 2019

I’m so glad to see this here. Coming from an FSAE background, it drives me nuts every time someone asks how to fix/install wiring and someone shows up advocating for soldering. There’s a reason racing and OEMs don’t do it and it’s not for cost savings.  

Dec 3 2019

It is and has been. It just wasn’t an FIA “World” Championship. Like Formula 2 is FIA but not Formula 2 “World” Championship.

Nov 8 2019

This is the only tip one needs. The rest are all derivatives or corollaries of it.  Read more

Oct 31 2019

I don’t care if they recline back to the point where they are curled up in my lap. Just don’t do disgusting shit like take off your shoes, change baby diapers in the main cabin (on the tray, no less!), or clip nails.

Sep 21 2019

...and F1 at Singapore (8:10AM Sunday, ESPN2). And NASCAR Cup at Richmond (7:30PM Tonight, NBCSN).