Any Oppo's DD a Classic?

I’m reaching that period in car ownership (2 years in) where I decide if I’m truly in love. If I’m not, a new DD is at least on the distant horizon. We just recently got my wife a supertyduper practical Forester, so I’m thinking all sorts of crazy things. Two ideas that I just can’t shake are:

FoRS a Plenty!

There are now two Focus RS at my local dealer, the blue one has been there quite a while. I’m thinking about stopping in at lunch tomorrow to see if they’ll let me take one for a spin. I’m sure I’ll get some BS about “no test drives” but I intend to press that. In other news, this is the first time I have used my now…


The Wired Workbench

Just a little over a month ago I decided to convert our movie room into a workshop. The first thing I needed was a workbench. So I had plans to build a cheap one for $50-100 just so that I could start doing other projects...$750 later I have the workbench that I have been wanting! Obviously not all of that was spent…