6/07/21 7:54PM

So you admit to being ok to dragging innocent people for clicks? That’s pretty fucked up.

6/07/21 4:36PM

I love how the article tries to insinuate that it was terrible that she took a week to respond to this manufactured controversy. Y’all ought to be ashamed of yourselves.

6/02/21 2:33PM

But unfortunately, she can’t have it both ways since athletes are contractually obligated to engage with the media. Read more

6/02/21 8:26AM

I like Maya Rudolph but I almost always found her character in The Good Place very incongruous, broad and awkward. Read more

6/01/21 10:17PM

Jackass was taped, so if one of them died it wouldn’t be broadcast live the way it is with NASCAR. Also, why would you watch an entire NASCAR race for the small chance that someone might die way off in the distance, when you could volunteer at a hospital and see people die almost every day, up close? Don’t ghoul Read more

6/01/21 7:37PM

“Ellie Kemper voted today, participating in a process that used to bar Black people and women! She must be taken to task!"

5/29/21 11:26PM

Bad news: your understanding of the science is wrong. In particular, it seems to be founded on the notion that the primary purpose of X wearing a mask is to prevent X from getting COVID-19. This is not true. Masks are primarily a source control measure. Read more

5/23/21 5:17PM

Good advice but keep in mind this was written by a person who works for Jim Spanfeller.

5/22/21 3:19PM

Good for CNN! Now it can move on from the past and recruit from today’s able pool of ignorant assholes!

5/17/21 12:55AM

Did everyone forget about In Living Color? Show broke more ground than a Caribbean volcano.

5/16/21 4:58AM

The idea that the writer here remarks on “American blandness” and then goes on to declare an EXTREMELY bland and generic Eurovision pop song as their favorite is the height of absurdity. It’s a catchy song but, ffs, Eurovision has been around for decades. (I don’t necessarily disagree with the point, but damn, way to Read more

11/12/20 3:33PM

I quite liked this episode, both as its own thing and for kind of feeling like an episode of Star Trek for the first time in a while.

10/30/20 12:11AM

There’s a blonde woman hanging out with the other semi-important bridge officers and I genuinely can’t remember if she existed before season 3 or if it’s a Remember the New Guy situation.