Sep 16

That is so weird that a Trump appointee is staggeringly, deliberately incompetent. I just can’t believe it. They’re normally so committed to excellence.

Sep 12

Because touching on a history that most Americans are ignorant of is “pounding people over the head”

Sep 11

You sound like the idiots arguing the civil war was about states rights, while ignoring that it was the state’s right to be racist. POC are more likely to get the criminal history to start and higher severity at every level of the investigation/charging/sentencing, which trickles through all those other criminal Read more

Sep 7

The flooded lift is the lift in Leti’s house. The tunnel under the museum is linked to/is the same tunnel as the one under the house. Hence the bodies of the neighbors being under the museum. Space and time are fluid things in cosmic horror.

Sep 7

This is the second review I’ve read where the reviewer didn’t realize that William and Christina are the same person. I thought the scene was very clear when she walked off camera, then William appeared from the same spot. Which explains a lot. So, it’s not Christina’s manservant that seduces’s Christina. I Read more

Sep 7

She told Tree they had sex to let him know that Atticus told her about his lie.  As in, “When we ‘had sex’ in high school.”  That’s why Tree was mad at Tic for telling her about it.

Sep 6

From the way this story is told, I don’t see that MAGA-Karen used racist slurs, raised her voice, or otherwise created a disturbance. Read more

Sep 5

It’s interesting to see the responses here, suggesting that Fisher is in fact some kind of attention-seeking drama queen and not a man who has basically destroyed any career he has in film by pursuing this. And make no mistake: he’s done. No one (save Snyder whose own future isn’t exactly secure) will hire him after Read more

Sep 4

I’m glad Delta did the right thing, but if I was Poe I’d have just said, “bitch, let me nap. If I wanted to listen to an asshole I’d have farted.”

Sep 4

I really wonder what’s going on at Delta. They’ve been really aggressive about enforcing mask-wearing on their flights even to the point of permanently banning people from flying on their planes and now this. Tossing Karen off the flight is one thing but an upgrade and a “Black Lives Matter” Delta pin? I’m stunned. If Read more

Sep 4

Hopefully the airlines are sharing the “disruptive passenger” lists with each other. Read more

Aug 31

If they don’t bring Urban back to play Dredd, they’re freaking morons.

Aug 29

Yeah, this wasn’t just another Marvel movie. This was a sea change in the representation of black people in film. It was a long, long overdue shift in the cultural landscape and Boseman became the symbol of it. To lose someone at such a young age is tragic enough but to lose someone who also embodied the hope and Read more

Aug 28

His towering performances are even more amazing considering what he was enduring behind the scenes.

Aug 28

I’ve never felt more moved coming out of a superhero movie than Black Panther on openng day. Boseman didn’t create T’Challa, but he made him totally believable as a character -- noble, compassionate, and brave -- and as a figure who could mean so much to so many people, not just lifelong comics fans. This  is Read more

Aug 28

Nothing but unrelenting horror.