12:40 PM

As a Texan in a a red-red-red county, the eagerness of my neighbors to believe and regurgitate the attacks on the witnesses, an imperative to know the identity of and question the whistle-blower (despite the substance of the whistle-blower complaint being corroborated by multiple sources), and conservative talking Read more

5:20 AM

Aided and abetted by the rich Irish merchant class who lobbied the British government to continue exporting food during the famine so that they wouldn’t lose money by having to give their products away. Read more

2:36 PM

When I was a kid there were times we lived on oats and bread. I remember pretending the bread was pizza. For a big treat sometimes we had raisins or store bought pound cake with strawberry yogurt as “frosting”. Worse than the going hungry, though, is how we’re made to feel ashamed every time we go to the food bank or Read more

11:53 AM

Reminds me of an uncle, greeting me at a family function after I had noticeably packed on some weight: “Well, you’re looking...prosperous.” As savage a putdown as I’ve ever been subject to.

6:42 PM

They’ve spent the last two Christmases with them, surely they can get one with Meghan’s family in her home country? They already see plenty of the Queen and Phillip, being based in the UK. And will see plenty more of them after Christmas.

6:40 PM

Based on your logic they should prioritise Harry’s family and home over Meghan’s every time, because...Meghan’s home and mother aren’t as important as Harry’s? Because they should be concerned with what tabloids think? What are you even talking about? Read more

3:00 PM

I feel sorry for them both. He’s in an impossible situation, trying to defend his wife from the hideous racism and xenophobia directed her way, and probably fed up with his fishbowl existence. He also grew up adoring a mother who was tormented by the press and kicked to the curb by the royal family — which she laments Read more

2:33 PM

Yeah, I have to agree. As the father, obviously he has to respect the woman’s choice to carry the pregnancy to term, but it is also his right to say that he did not want to parent another child. He is doing the right thing by providing financial support and being upfront with what he wants his role to be. It’s Read more

2:27 PM

OK. I’m all for poking fun at Madonna, but I have a question. It’s quite natural to pick up accents when you move somewhere where the predominant accent is different from your own. I agree that with Madonna the accent largely arose from her own pretentiousness (thus I agree with poking fun at her). Read more

1:01 PM

I went in to Harrods once, did a lap downstairs then promptly left to find somewhere, just...less. This was about 19 years ago so my memory is fuzzy, but the only thing I remember was it being overwhelming. And not in the Camden Market”ooh, what’s that?” way, but in the “everything is looming over me” way. (Most Read more

11:10 AM

Is it not better to let Owen Wilson choose to sign papers not being in the life of a baby (while still financially supporting her) that he didn’t want, and give the mother a chance to create a story and life for that child where she won’t miss him? Read more

1:30 AM

The child is 18 years old and the entire internet is discussing her gynecological visits. I would have died of shame. I can only imagine how much she’s suffering right now, after suffering having that jackass as a father all these years.

11:09 PM

If he impregnated her accidentally and made it clear to her he had no interest in parenting and then she chose not to have an abortion, is he really the asshole? As long as he’s writing checks I don’t think so. Read more

10:13 PM

Honestly an absent parent is better than a present one who really sucks, so maybe it’s for the best.