Jan 10 2020

All my jeans/pants are slung hella low but they are also nice and baggie, which solves the comfort issues. I like my crotch to not be under pressure. I sling my pants low so I can show off my boxer briefs, which solves the butt crack issue. I also cuff them high to show off my boots which solves the shredded hem Read more

Jan 8 2020

Uh. Ever hear of hair dye? Colored contacts? It’s a movie bro. Would you be shocked to learn that Zoe Salanda didnt actually have blue skin and cat ears before starting in avatar?

May 21 2019

Yeah this is a very normal reason and trigger for an eating disorder. I remember Fiona Apple once said that she developed anorexia after experiencing sexual assault because she felt like her body was “bait” to men and so if she starved herself then the less tits and ass she would have. The less body you have then the Read more

May 10 2019

I havent worn a bra in many years so I dont really know how these things work but I thought that was strange also? Do they just skip those sizes? Is this just one more confusing nonsense bullshit thing about bras???

May 3 2019

Yeah I guess i meant the trailer/pikachu design as being weird, creepy and sucky. But hey what do I know

May 3 2019

Ive heard approximatly no one complaining about his teeth tho??? The issue is the creepy beady eyes and the fact that his body looks like a persons body in a furrie suit. Its creepy. Its a bad design. It can be easily fixed. The people are right. Read more

Apr 26 2019

My dog just got into a freak accident at the park and was rushed to the ER on easter Sunday. Vet bill was a whopping 2000. The money I was going to spend on a new car since the breaks have all but given out on my current one. I have been crying for a week straight

Apr 21 2019

Pretty sure that the Other Daughter isnt anymore capable of getting into Canadian colleges on her own than she is of American ones..